Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tolantongo, Vizarron de Montes, and Pena de Bernal

Three other destinations in close proximity to the Sierra Gorda which was mentioned in the last post are Pena de Bernal and Vizarron de Montes.

Pena de Bernal is the second largest monolith in the world. Second only to Ayers Rock in Australia! It is outstanding to see as one is heading toward the tiny village of Bernal. I suggest if going there that you go on a Friday and avoid the weekend crowds of a Saturday or Sunday. The beginning of the week most stores are closed. At least they were the last time I tried to go to the shops. Products sold in Bernal are wool items. Shawls, hats, mittens, socks - wool, wool, wool.
Once when I WAS there on a Friday nothing was open. It was graduation at the high school. Pretty cool, huh? Bernal is about 15 minutes from Tequisquiapan.

Heading north toward Jalpan and the Sierra Gorda, one passes through Vizarron de Montes. STOP! Look in the stores along the main street through the town. You will be amazed at the absolutely spectacular furnishings, lighting, sinks and anything else that you can think of made out of marble, quartz and other natural materials.
Beautiful! The prices are so inexpensive you won't believe it and the workmanship is first class. There is a pretty little jardin there where one can have a cold drink and something to eat, if desired.

East of Queretaro is Tolantongo. A hot water river resort that caters to Mexican families. One must leave the paved road near Ixmilquilpan and take a dirt road down into the canyon to the land set aside by the ejido families - all 112 of them - that run the resort. "Resort" is a loose term as the cabins are rustic. There are waterfalls, a small restaurant, great hiking and hot pools of water from the river to relax in. Tolantongo means "place where the little heat is felt". It is located in the state of Hidalgo.

All of these places can be googled for additional information. Sorry can't find photos to share........guess you'll have to go there on your own. Happy travels!

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