Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Casa de la Cuesta B&B







I have no idea why I haven't written about the house on the hill before. Maybe because I'm so familiar with it. I pass it every time I walk down the hill. From the outside it is nondescript. But, oh my, once the door opens it is a fantasy world of fabulous architecture, whimsical folkart, and two of the most knowledgeable people in San Miguel on folkart and masks.

Before I even moved to San Miguel someone suggested that I meet the owners. It was suggested because I used to be an avid folkart collector. Now due to lack of space, I'm not acquiring but still radically interested in the informative side of the collections, artesans and the work.

This might be a B&B which Trip Advisor has named the TOP B&B in San Miguel, but it is sooooooooo much more. I needed to stop in today to see Heidi, who is one of the owners with her husband Bill. Heidi is the most laid back, sweet, kind, lady you can imagine. She also used to handle tours in Mexico City through the anthropolgy museum I think. Bill is truly an expert in "danced" masks of Mexico. To the point that there is now a Mask Museum in San Miguel that can be seen by appointment. It is very, very well designed along with clear and concise descriptions. A must see if you're interested in gaining knowledge from an expert, which is indeed Bill.

I've actually never stayed at Casa de la Cuesta. I've made reservations there many, many times for friends and family. They always leave oooohing and aaaahing. Some of it is because of the tasty, incredible breakfasts. I HAVE experience those - YUMMY! Luckily, it is only around the corner from my house.

Those people that I have had stay there always leave feeling that Bill and Heidi are good friends. And, of course, they send their friends there too.

If you're interested in seeing their website with more photos, go to www.casadelacuesta.com and just think about the first or next time you're coming to town! I guarantee you'll be as awed with the place as I am.
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