Sunday, July 03, 2011

Big Blogger Bash


I started this post this morning at about 10AM - within a few minutes the grandbabies arrived and all thought of anything other then their needs was forgotten. I'm finally back to telling you about the fun evening last night.

It really wasn't a BIG blogger bash. But for what we lacked in numbers, we made up for in the ability to talk with each and every one. There were twelve of us. Seven bloggers and five, either mates or friends. In the above photo the ones missing are myself, Billie and Stew.

We started with appetizers and drinks at Billie and Ned's. After a while we trooped down their street in Col San Antonio to Rinconcito restaurant. It's unusual to see twelve gringoes walking in the rain in a line as we headed to the restaurant. The owners were waiting for us as Billie had given them a "heads up". Boy were they glad to see us - the only customers of the night.

Drinks ordered. Food ordered. Then everyone was able to get to the order of business - conversation. At my end of the table - Billie, Stew, Laura and John Wood, a friend of Jennifer's whose name escapes me at the moment - sorry! At the other end, Ned, of Billie and Ned (one of the nicest people you'll ever meet) the La Rosa's, Al, Steve and Jennifer Rose.

It was wonderful to see Laura and John. His blog was one of the first that I ever read. So well written about trips, life and very specific in details about this and that. I told him that I loved the posts on the beach south of Tulum that was the "nude" beach. He confessed that the photo of him that looked nude was because he pulled the pants portion of his suit up for the photo. A good chuckle. John is not writing at the present time as he recovers from brain cancer. Another funny or poignant thing. When John and Laura arrived at Billie and Ned's, Ned showed John his head scar from brain cancer and John showed his to Ned. It wasn't dramatic to them, just sharing something in common. I watched in wonder.

Stew and Al are a fun couple. Stew has a great sense of humor. We have mutual friends. Al is the writer as he wrote for the Chicago paper, I think the Tribune........oh I hope so, or I'll be in big trouble if I got that wrong. His blog is a delight to read. His photos are wonderful also. They live in Jalpa - a teeny tiny town about twenty minutes from San Miguel. I've not visited their house yet, but they are solar contained and even have their own water system. Love to hear that kind of information.

Unfortunately I didn't get to spend much time talking with Jennifer. I've admired her writing long before she had a blog. She would write very informative and interesting articles for publications about Mexico. I knew the name long before and was thrilled to finally meet her last evening. I've got to get to Morelia to talk more.

Another couple there that I didn't know........and unfortunately still don't due to the seating arrangement, were Suzanne and John La Rosa. I did overhear that she sells Mexican folkart in the USA. I'm dying to talk with her since I did that for twenty years back in the 80's and 90's. It will be fun to see how many of the same people we know who are artesans in Mexico. She writes a blog entitled Living in San Miguel on Wordpress.

Of course the great Steve Cotton was in the middle of the table with his head going back and forth as though he were at a tennis match. He was trying to keep up with many conversations. I think he enjoyed himself.

There were so many people we wished could have been there. Sr. Felipe from Patzcauro, Tancho, Don Cuevas, Bob from Irapauto, Todd and Shannon and all of you from farther away, just to name a few..........It was all about getting acquainted. Hopefully some day we all will meet.

This is the beginning of Sr. Steve's social whirl in San Miguel - he just doesn't know it yet!


Michael Dickson said...

And Billie hid again!

Babs said...

My fault though. I did take a photo from the opposite end of the table with the grand dame Billie and Stew in it - but it turned out fuzzy, so I couldn't post it.........You'll just have to come to town to meet her.

Steve Cotton said...

Great summary of our dinner. And looking out the window this morning where there is neither wind nor rain, the photo sessions are about to begin.

Babs said...

Steve, enjoy moseying over hill and dale........before the clouds roll back in later today!

Gin said...

It was fun to meet everyone as your post made me feel like I was there. I love Billie's posts. Sorry to hear about John's cancer. I have missed him and wondered what have happened to him. Thanks for the undate.

Babs said...

Gin, it was a fun evening because we had no agenda other then to spend time together after all the years of reading each other's blogs!

It is odd when you actually do meet that there is no hesitancy to discuss very personal subjects because you feel like the person is family..........