Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Mas Aqua





Dan, who reads and comments on the blog, asked what the status is of the presa or reservoir in English. So, I went up on the roof terrace and snapped some photos this morning. It's READY for rain. SOON hopefully.

Lest you panic that I have no water in the house, our water comes from artesian wells so we're not dependent on the rainfall, yet. The wells have been decreasing over the ten years I've been here. Not sure what the status is at this point. They say the rain we get this year will take sixty years to replenish the wells. I definitely won't be here to experience that.

While I was up on the roof terrace, I sipped my coffee, decided to feed the plants, swept the rug. While doing these chores, I heard someone hacking at something and looked back over the knee wall to see two guys out in the middle of the presa chopping away at an old tree that has been out there as long as I've been here. What the heck do they think they're going to do with it IF they get it cut up? There are steep cliffs surrounding the presa.
Well there is a path over here on my side where the shepherd used to take the goats down to graze every day. Sadly the goats and the shepherd went to greener pastures about five years ago. It will be a hike if those guys are cutting up that log for firewood.

The last photo shows the weather screen for San Miguel and the fact that we've had about 1/2 inch of rain since January. This time last year we had already had over 7 inches.........oy vey.

So Dan, there is your bird's eye view. Don't come down til the rainy season is here.
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Dan in NC said...

WOW! Thanks Babs! I had NO idea that the lake was actually THAT shallow! I've always seen it with what appeared to be a good size pond/lake - and ASSUMED it was fairly deep! NOW I understand the torrents that flood over the lip during the rainy season! Thanks for the great shots!
Dan in NC