Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring in San Miguel






We ALWAYS know when spring has arrived in San Miguel - it's the PRIMAVERA PARADE. Kindergarteners dressed as bumble bees, frogs, butterflies, bunny rabbits. You name it, they dress for it. Precious doesn't even begin to describe it.

They walk for about a mile and a half in this parade. These wee little ones. Very few quit. They're getting their first taste of all the desfiles that they will march in in their lifetime. Parades are almost a monthly event in San Miguel.

This parade is a "not to miss" event as was evidenced yesterday by the amount of people lining the parade route to stand and smile and photograph these adorable children.

I'm always amazed, every year, at the creativity of the parents and teachers. One whole class was dressed like Woody from A Toy Story - not quite spring, but cute anyway.

Ahh, youth and innocence.
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Steve Cotton said...

I wonder if we have any such thing? I miss a lot living here at the end of the village.

Babs said...

Ask! Today is the parade for St. Joseph since I live near Cuesta de San Jose......and then Monday it is Benito Juarez's birthday......oy vey, like I said always parades!