Saturday, October 09, 2010

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing



I have alluded to "the man" and shown a few photos of him, in action, but I think I've been pretty circumspect over the last year about going into details of "the" relationship. I didn't want to hex it......ha.

But, I'm ready to tell you that I'm in love with a wonderful man. And, he's in love with me. We met a year ago via the internet. Once we met in person we have hardly been apart in the ensuing time.

The airlines have made a lot of money. He lives in West Virginia and, as you know, I'm in Mexico.

After our last time together in West Virginia, we decided we don't want to be apart anymore, so when the first part of November comes we will be together until the first part of February. The logistics of it boggle the mind. You see, he still has business ventures in the USA and is semi-retired. It appears that is all changing as he turns over these activities to be managed! For a Virgo, that is a BIG step. Hopefully it will all work out.

Initially I was skeptical how this long distance thing could work. But, it has. I think much to our collective surprise.
He loves Mexico. I really like West Virginia. So, it appears that it doesn't matter where we are as long as we are together.

Now, I'm no dummy. I've been widowed for 33 years. I know it could end tomorrow. However, I'm not thinking about that now. I'm "living in the moment". We're hoping it lasts for a very long time.

I haven't had this much fun or laughed this much or been this happy in a very, very long time. He echoes these sentiments.

Add to the fact that I love him - I LOVE his family also. His seven children and fourteen grandchildren are absolutely a delight. They are the additional gift I didn't expect. What fun we have had all together for cookouts and Paul's big 70th birthday. Great memories.

It isn't always perfect, of course. When I get on my "high horse", as an Aries is prone to do, he handles it. (Those of you who know me well will laugh at this) I get mad. He waits and when I see the error of my ways, we talk it out and laugh. It becomes part of the foundation of the relationship.

The next step is for Paul to meet the rest of my family in Houston at the end of October before we fly home to San Miguel.
Of course, I have to throw a few special friends into that mix too. Most of them have known about this, but haven't met
him yet. We'll see what adventures this brings.

Since all of you are my friends also, I wanted to share this joyful news with you. I truly do feel that love is a many splendored thing.

Life certainly has been an adventure this past year.
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Charles said...

Babs...I am so happy for you...even though we have not talked for a while it was pretty obvious to most of us who have been in love what was happening. I am a hopeless this brings major smiles to my heart and soul.

It is also happening in my life as I write this....but I will not write too much at this time for your very is always the best gift...even better when unexpected! My best to you both....hope to still visit when I move SOB...probably Ajijic at this point...abrazzos siempre....Charles

Chrissy y Keith said...

Congratulations to both of you. Finding another to share your life and love with is a treasure for sure.

Tancho said...

I am so happy for you that you have found someone to share your life with at this point. Enjoy every day, and remember that compromise is the key....
Never thought I would say that!

maria luz said...

What joy to hear this news! So happy for you! I found mine 20 years ago and we are still going strong. It IS devine!

Mary Lou

Sam and Bob said...

Congratulations. I am so happy for you. Perhaps we will meet one day in SMA. I am a friend of Billie and Ned. As you said, "enjoy the moment".

Calypso said...

Very cool amiga - life is an adventure.

Michael Dickson said...

This is fine news. Love is essential. But I´m a little confused still. When the dust settles, you´ll be living here or there? I´m using "you" in the plural.

Babs said...

Charles, I'm so happy to hear our good news also. CU when I CU, SOB.
Chrissy Y Keith - Thanks so much. HE is a treasure.
Tancho - Ah yes, compromise, we're learning. I've learned that not much is so important as to have a confrontation about it.
Maria Luz - Ain't it great?
Sam and Bob - I'd love to meet you when you're in San Miguel.
Gracias Calypso.
Felipe, we'll be here and there, no firm plans as yet. Just go with the flow. We'll definitely be in Mexico until February. After that, who knows? A few months up north and then back here for the summer is my guess. But, I'm open. said...

Finally...tomorrow is National Coming Out Day and here you are! I am so happy for you, so, so happy. This is just so fine and I can't wait to meet Paul. And yes,as another Aries, I can laugh about his being able to handle "your high horse".

Matthew Smith said...

Babs, I'm so thrilled about you and Paul. He is handsome and handy( ie: thepost about him fixing your windows). He appears to be adventurous as he is willing to go back and forth between where you both live. There are a lot of Pauls on my dad's side of the family and I like every one so he has a good name. Last he has good taste in women as he picked you. Continued good wishes to you both. Jan in Mississippi

billow said...

It's great news! We're happy for you!

JoAnn and Bill Owens

Tina said...

You look beautiful together. Congratulations!

Mic said...

Wonderful News!! Barbara

Babs said...

Thanks everyone for your well wishes. Its so nice to share GOOD news with friends.......

Virginia said...

You don't know me but I've enjoyed your blog for awhile. I'm a 58 year old divorced woman who wants to live your life! I've spent time in SMA and hope to live there in the future. Hopefully I'll be able to in a few years. I've often thought that a new relationship was not in my future -that ship had sailed. On-line dating? Scared me. However, your story has inspired me. I just wanted to let you know and to wish you much happiness. Maybe we'll meet in SMA one day!
virginia, wash. dc