Thursday, October 07, 2010

Feeling At Home, At Last


Even though I returned to San Miguel on the 19th of September, today I finally feel at home. The reason is that I had my house rented til the 30th of September. Hence I stayed with a friend down the hill where this photo was taken. Then to add insult to injury, on the 24th I got sick as a dog. How sick is that? Well, pretty darn sick.

So sick that I actually went to the Doctor! Last night was the first night I slept through the night without coughing. Geez.

Today I needed to walk around and take care of errands. Things like going to the farmacia. Picking up a few things at the grocery, Espino's. And, of course, fresh flowers - finally.

As I turned the corner near Espino's where outdoor food stands are stationed, a young man with a guitar was serenading his countrymen with a sweet melodious voice and beautiful haunting music. I could hear it for the entire block that I walked.

"Aaah," I thought, "I'm home".

Home IS on a hill. I'm spoiled. In my past life, for 59 years of it, I lived on flat land. Flat land as in the Midwest, East Texas and Louisiana. You can't get much flatter then that. I REALLY notice it when I get back to Texas. I hunger for the first glimpse of the mountains north of Monterrey when I'm driving home.

I'm so spoiled with the views of the mountains, the valley and the nightly sunsets, that when I stayed at my friends down in town, I felt closed in! I yearned to get back up on this hill. Her house is nicer then mine, but it wasn't on a hill.

So, here I AM - HOME - and sooooooooo happy to be here!
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Michael Dickson said...

Welcome home.

Dan in NC said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled back in... Great photo! Can see where me and "she who MUST be obeyed stay as well! Also, is the mural on the school wall new? Did not notice it on previous visits...
Dan in NC

Tina said...

Glad you're feeling better and home at last. With Velcro. And a view.

Calypso said...

Yes welcome home! said...

Well, that wasn't a bad view but perhaps not as wonderful as yours. Welcome home and sorry to hear you have been ill. I spent a week with a cough so it must be going around. Hope you are feeling better and enjoying sleeping in your own bed.

Babs said...

Gracias Felipe, it FEELS SO good!
The mural is NOT new Dan. It was here when you were here.....
Thanks Tina - Velcro is in her "element" which is sleeping right up against me - geez, she has a WHOLE house........
Thanks Calypso, and a belated happy birthday.
Kay, sorry you've had the crud too.
My own bed has never felt better - just kinda lonely......hmmmm.

Steve Cotton said...

I read your post yesterday and was a bit smug about having escaped the cold season while up north. But there are wages to be paid for hubris. This morning began with stuffed sinuses and a headache -- along with a bit of intestinal stress. I trust it will have passed by the time I head south.

Are you attending the bloggers' conference next month?

Tancho said...

Welcome Home. Now back to the sane routine..
Not that there's anything wrong with NOB life..