Saturday, February 06, 2010

Round Top Antique Fair

This blog is usually about Mexico, but today, because someone sent me a YouTube segment on the big antique happening in Texas twice a year, I decided to share it with you.

To me it is fun to read or see an event that was never intended to be anything big or successful, that, because of its very nature, takes on a life of its own. The Round Top Antique Fair definitely fits that category.

It was a semi annual pilgrimage for me when I lived in Houston to drive out the country roads every April and October just to wander around, watch the people, look at all the antiques, have a bite to eat, and visit with old friends.

Well this show covers about five or six towns now! It is so amazing the rest of the year to see open fields but at antique time, there are tents and booths set up for as far as the eye can see. Year after year, vendors from all over the USA come to sell. And, year after year, we all went travel to see, if not buy.

There is definitely something for everyone. Lots of old farm implements, old tools, old gee-gaws and some fine, fine furniture and jewelry.

My Mexican connection to this whole thing is a really likable and sharp guy named Lou Christine. He's a former Philly guy who has several enterprises here in San Miguel. The VIP card, which gives you discounts on all kinds of goods and services along with being involved in putting on the Craft Fairs here in town several times a year. In addition, Lou is a fine writer. I see his by-line often in publications and newspapers. But, he does disappear a couple of times a year and heads to Round Top. We always talk about it in the jardin and I always tell him to say hello to friends of mine up there. When he returns, if it was a good show for the vendors, he is glowing. If there was bad weather and no customers he is gloomy. He is always rooting for the little guy. I'm happy to call him my friend.

Here's the You Tube info. Get a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy. It takes a while to see all the segments but to me it is fun and worth it.


Babs said...

Well luvtatravel - YOU are in luck. I DO know Patrick. In fact, small world, I was going to go to the Lacondon selva with him next month but had to cancel. You are so right, he is an excellent guide.
Here is his email address and phone #! and the last phone # I had for him is 967 706-2798. If you're in the USA, you would dial 01152 before those numbers.
Happy Trails!


Im live in san miguel too :)... Have a Good ANd sunny shinning Day!! .. very nice blog! ..