Friday, October 30, 2009

Day of the Dead Market

As I headed down the hill yesterday morning, I felt myself being pulled to the "sugar market" to see what the offerings are this year. I wasn't disappointed. Tents were set up all over Plaza Civica. Lots of people milling around and several small children from school groups were spending a few pesos on a precious gift to take to their family altar. The little girl above was buying one little thing, a lamb I think, and when I smiled at her she looked up at me with this precious sweet smile. It made my day.
Off I went to see the booths of sugar pigs, lambs or whatever the artesans could think to create. I saw little marzipan fruits. Tiny telephones. All manner of whimsical folkart. How delightful.
There were many candle vendors also. I have never seen the orange candles before. So inexpensive you wouldn't believe it. Only a few pesos. For all of that work! Papel picado abounded in every color of the rainbow. I have a feeling as I head into town this morning that my feet will take me there again. One can never get too much of a good thing.
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Steve Cotton said...

And we have nothing like that here. A least, not that I can find.

Babs said...

Find your cemetery. Ask, there WILL be someplace around your area.

Tina said...

The sugar creations are so awesome! We walked through San Juan de Dios market yesterday to see them--only downside, in the afternoon many were covered with BEES! I wonder if you can spray the sugar art with lacquer to preserve them? Maybe we'll see you in Centro today. said...

What fun! Love the sugar figures!