Friday, August 21, 2009

Picasso's Cubism Period

I looked and looked on the internet for the painting by Picasso of the woman who looked like she had one eye and a squinched up face. But, I couldn't find a copy. Too bad. When the kids were little and we couldn't afford "real" art, I thumbtacked up a copy of this work of art over the toilet in the bathroom. The kids referred to it as "the woman with one eye." That's me!

I actually took a couple of photos of my right eye but it is so disgusting looking that I'm not willing to share. What started out as this massive egg at my hairline has slid down my face, is encircling my eye and it is one puffy mess. Amazing!

It looks like someone went crazy with purple and blue eyeshadow. The left side of my body looks the same way, but at least clothes cover up that mess. Like a bad scene out of a horror film. Obviously you can tell I've never had a black eye. I hope I never have another one. At least today my eyes are at the same level. Yesterday one was higher then the other. It was bizarre.

I'm so vain that I'm scurrying around town with BIG sunglasses on and not going anywhere where I would have to remove them. When I did this morning, I thought the maid was going to faint.

The "Gypsy Kids" arrive tonight. I forewarned them. I don't think they would have believed their eyes. Now, when they hear the story, they'll want to send me to a home for wayward women.........old wayward women. And I'm sure Matilda will NOT want to sit in Grammy's lap, under any circumstances.

What a mess! Anyone know the name of that painting? I think I need a copy again.


Unknown said...

Hey, substitute du Champs' famous "Nude Descending a Staircase"! It's a beauty, and fits more than 1 of your posts. Modern, too.

I had to quote you on my blog a couple of days ago.

So great that the Kids are back in town.

Anonymous said...

Matilda will love you regardless.

The gypsy kids know the "old" does not apply.

You can share your "eyeshadow" photos with us with out reservation.

Think of the temporary colors as part of a theatrical costume.

Hope you are drinking lots of water!

Sending love and reassurance...


Michael Dickson said...

Babs, I think it´s time for you to consider a keeper. A Mexican keeper likely will be affordable. What a year you have had, as you have noted.

I wish you a speedy return to your beautiful self.

1st Mate said...

Good, you can send the Gypsies out to run errands while you stay home and recuperate and play with the grandkids.

What surface is on your stairs? You've fallen down them before, are you skidding?

canadiangrl said...

Family is always good Medicine...enjoy!

Personally, I have always been a huge fan of Klimt.

Take care Ms. Babs

Babs said...

Ahh Dana, so right. Thanks ANON
And Felipe, do you mean a "keeper" like "he's a keeper" about 6' and 45 years old? Or do you mean a keeper as in an old person's health assistant? PLEASE be careful how you answer this one....

marilyn said...

Hi Babs, I felt a challenge to do a search.

if you go to IMAGES on Google & search for PICASSO POTRAITS you'll see several great portraits that I think will fit how you feel you look.

None with one eye but, great ones with two at all angles. The first "portrait of Dora Mar" I think of how you might have looked on day one. And the 12th image "Portrait of Maya 1938" is how you might be expecting Matilda to react. 'tho I bet she won't want to get away.

I'm still chuckling over post from DanaJ. sorry to hear about your fall...hope you'll have a wonderful visit with your family. always looking forward to your posts. Lena

Michael Dickson said...

Old person´s assistant.

maria luz said...

Classy and cool, just like the lady who runs the place. You have the gift, lady.

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Maybe this will fill the bill?

Hope you get better soon!

Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we face this danger in the winter when everything ices over.

Babs said...

Felipe, that was the WRONG answer.
Kim that is PERFECT, not the one I had in mind but even more perfect.
thanks - it made me laugh.