Saturday, August 22, 2009

Matilda Isabella back where she was born!

She came, she saw and she conquered - all the hearts in the jardin today. She was on lookout for dogs, horses and the balloon man. She calls balloons, "bubbles". In the photo above she's measuring the height of the wall for the day when she comes to sit here with Grammy.
She loved the big horse that pulls the ice cream wagon into the jardin on the weekends. It is a big draft horse similar to a Clydesdale. Matilda was not the least intimidated by the size and I'm told she went right up to it. (I was not there to see this sight - luckily). So after seeing and greeting all that wanted to greet her we were off to Casa Milagros for lunch and presents. Can a Grammy have a grandchild come to town without presents? Not this Grammy!
A baby doll was the first thing out of the bolsa. "Baby, baby" she shouted. Of course it came packaged in a box that took Dad and his Swiss Army knife to extract the doll. It took another few minutes to get the rest of the stuff unpackaged. Some things never change.
This is without a doubt one of the spunkiest grandkids I have ever had. She makes me laugh out loud! I also had a wooden animal puzzle for her to take each one out and put them back. This kid is 18 months old and she got them all right. Amazing. But the funny part was that each time she took one out, she made the animal sound. Like the monkey sound, the lion sound etc. I was cracking up. Which, of course, made her do those things all the more. And below, are the Gypsy Kids - all smiles.
They are glad to be back in San Miguel for a visit. A place where they met, fell in love and Baby Matilda was born. I'm thrilled to see my son so happy with such a beautiful family............and a little baby boy on the way in January. I'm thrilled with such a kind and thoughtful daughter-in-law and a precious baby granddaughter. Life couldn't be better!
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maria luz said...

What a lovely family. Matilda is an angel!