Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Saga Continues, in a good way, sorta.

So I get up this morning and the cascada (waterfall) is still cascading down the outside of the guest house. "How much water can a large tinaco hold?", I wondered. Tried and tried to get the landlord - nada.

So, I took matters into my own hands and called Pat, the female plumber. She thought it might be either the water pressure was overflowing the tinaco, which meant it would flow and flow or that the "floater" in the tinaco was stuck. Well, I'm hear to tell you, that the tinaco is up a sloped, steep concrete wall with concrete walls around it. No way was I getting on a BIG ladder to get up there. It could flood til hell freezed over if that was the case.

Pat said that the repairs that the water company, SAPASMA, did yesterday probably caused the problem. So, I called them. After about 1 1/2 hours someone answered, who glory be, spoke English. His name was J.M.. Always get a name. After explaining the saga, which included the waterfall, the fountain and the sinkhole, J.M. decided my problem was a grande problema and he was going to "radio" for help.

In the meantime, Pat showed up. You would have laughed or cringed. We put a chair up on the platform. SHE climbed on that and then managed to pull herself up to the tinaco, barefoot. I was holding my breath. She climbed over the concrete wall, fixed the float and voila, no mas cascada! She is going to install a pressure regulator to prevent any future overflows. No charge.

The laundryman showed up with all the rugs, bed linens, towels and stuff that had to be cleaned.
No saving the beautiful bed coverlet due to dog and person staining. BUT the owner gave me a sizeable discount. YEAH. And, I'm thinking I'll dye the coverlet a dark color and the stains won't show. Hey there is more then one way to win this battle!

SAPASMA showed up shortly after that. Seven men strong. One spoke English. I told him the saga. They looked at the sinkhold and shook their heads. They looked at the new pipe and meter and said that rather then me having to pay for a new cover, which would be about 400 pesos, that they would get one at the company and be back Monday. J.M. was a man of his word. He said he would have them here before their comida. And, he did.

Next the painter arrived. My theory is that if fresh paint is applied, the cigarette smell will go. I have referred Alvaro, the painter, to a zillion people here. As I have Pat the plumber. Alvaro's work is extremely professional, neat, perfect and he's always here at the exact time he says he will be here. He's painting the whole house, downstairs two coats, ceilings included, one coat upstairs for 1500 pesos. That's less then $120US!

The moral for me is............"what goes around comes around". The rewards rolled in for me today, without me expecting any of it.

There was so much activity here for about four hours though that I felt like I was running a construction crew again...........happy days.

Enough already - I'm going out tonight for dinner and to listen to blues. All work and no play makes Babs a dull, dull girl.


Billie Mercer said...

Mmm....seems like you are having a lot of Mexican fun. Hang in there, girl.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting! What a story you can write. I'm so happy it's you not me - but you've handled things beautifully.

billow said...

Anonymous is not trying to be anonymous - just pressing the wrong buttons.

Babs said...

Billie, write me and fill me in on happenings in Houston.
And Bill, I would gladly it HAD been you and not me, ha.

Christine said...

Wait! Stop! Before they paint, ask them to wash the walls with something strong. My daughter moved into a beautiful repainted apartment previously occupied by two heavy smokers. Apparently the painters didn't wash the walls first and the nicotine started oozing through the walls! Christine

Robin in Atlanta said...

Babs, I am happy to hear you didn't get up on that ladder again! Sounds like Pat the plumber and Alvaro the painter were heaven sent. But your renter - well, shame on him! I hope dinner and listening to blues renewed your spirit.