Friday, June 19, 2009

A Mexican Day

It was one of those days that IF it could go wrong, it did. Trust me people, if you're not adventurous then don't live in Mexico. It started out as a "work" day . Josefina, the maid and I cleaning, cleaning, cleaning the otra casa. We made some headway but still have lots to do before the house can be inhabited again.

After she left and I was still over there doing things the phone rang. I started to ignore it, but for some reason I answered it. In Spanish a man told me that he had my former tenant's dog and wanted to bring it to his home. I didn't know where the new home was and I REALLY didn't want to get involved - REALLY! But, I also knew that Troubles( the dog's name) has been the tenant's dog for a long time so I said, "Bring it". They did and wanted a reward.

In the meantime, before they arrived with Troubles, I tried to reach its owner. Didn't have a phone number so had to email. They arrived I got the dog, gave them a reward and they left.

The upholsterer showed up, thankfully, because the people called back and said I didn't give them enough pesos because the radio announcement about the lost dog said 1000 pesos reward and I only gave them 400. How did I know?

The upholsterer talked to them, explained the situation and got their phone number for Trouble's owner to call them to rectify the situation.

Upholsterer left - dog wanted in house - no way Jose. Of course I go to my house and leave dog in beautiful garden. He's not happy. Geez. THEN it started to rain. Good Lord, couldn't the Universe let up a little on this situation?

Former tenant and owner of Troubles shows up - very emotional. I CALM HIM DOWN. Good grief, I really wanted to knock him out.........after all the filth and the situation, (see previous blog) but I remained calm. We talked. I told him just how I felt. I told him a LOT. We'll see if any of it did any good.

Later, banging on the gate. "Now what", I think. I open and little boy from next door points to where water meter is now a fountain heading to the sky. Broken pipe. So, of course I call the water company. They DID come out and stop the fountain of water heading for the sky. Two hours later the sinkhole begins. In the street. In front of my house. New experience. I call the City. So far, nada. Sink hole growing. VERY interesting.

Two hours ago I heard gushing water - gushing, waterfalling. Obviously the tinaco on the roof of the guest house has broken and about 40 gallons of water, or more, is cascading down into the garden from the third floor. I have NO idea what to do. NONE. I don't even know who to call except my landord. Of course no one is home at their house.

You have to laugh to keep from crying. If I were a drinking woman, I'd be having one right now. But instead I wanted to capture this for YOU, so you can laugh too, or fix a drink. Or, do both!

Living in Mexico is never dull and is definitely an adventure - even when you don't leave the house.


Calypso said...

You are a better person than me to deal with that loser's dog. Reads like you handled it all very well (except that dog thing). What would life be without these little challenges (except that dog thing).

Hang in there baby!

Todd said...

There is an ancient Chinese curse.
It says, "May you live in interesting times"

Well, I hope, that life gets much less interesting for you!


Babs said...

I'm hanging Calypso, I'm hanging...and the water is still gushing.....oy vey.

Todd, boring would be nice for a few days, I think!

Michael Dickson said...

And nary a single photo?! The sinkhole?

I send you a cyber-hug.

Michael Dickson said...

Yipes, you deserve a freaking medal from God. I had read the two posts in reverse order. The pinche pooch belonged to the guy who split owing you money?

I would have told the Mexican guy the dog was his to keep. Really.

Ruco said...

No good deed goes unpunished Miss Babs. Think of this as a test, I along with Senor Felipe, would have sent the dog on his merry way. Sink holes are cool, cept where your house disappears into one, that's not so cool.

Paul said...

These last two blogs are very revealing. And they reveal a kind, sensitive person on an adventure in Mexico. You set the bar really high for the rest of us expats and our reactions to life in a strange land.
Keep mentoring us.

Babs said...

Felipe, Ruco and Paul - Trust me, for a split second I wanted to hang up and NOT deal with it. But, then I remembered my dog Flash and I couldn't do that to anyone.....Then the thought occurred to me to hold the dog for $2400 US ransom, but that only stayed with me a second too. So, I'm not really a goody two-shoes.
I just couldn't lower myself to that level......
So, Felipe, it's a cool, cool morning but I went out in my chenille robe (not a pretty picture) and took photos of the sink hold the hole where the pipe burst and the water flowing over the side of the guest house. Will post later.
I sure hope that "White Knight" gets here one of these days! Thanks for the cyber-hug!

Ruco said...


1st Mate said...

HE was emotional?!! YOU calmed HIM down? You are on my short list for sainthood. I don't even know how I'd have handled such audacity. But isn't it poetic that it all involved a dog named Troubles? I do hope the water thing is fixed, those tinacos can be a real pain.

Babs said...

Ruco, who cares? No hug is ever turned down.
And First Mate, it is ironic. As it was happening, I knew that "the Universe" or something was making this happen. It was like a moviescript for heavens sake. Then when the dog was here and I had it outside and the thunder started, I chuckled cause I knew I was going to have to bring the damn dog in my house...last thing on earth I wanted to do. AND to have to talk to, much less see, the tenant. "We'll see" what happens. The name Troubles is appropriate.......