Monday, June 01, 2009

The "magic"

No I don't mean card tricks and people disappearing but just the "magic" of life.

I've always been one who liked to "stretch the envelope". When I would get too comfortable with my life I would try something new. And for a long time I haven't felt up to doing that. At least not since I sold everything and moved to Mexico.

Well, I've sure been stretching the envelope for the last six months or so. AND it has been very, very interesting.

I was flying a couple of weeks ago to Colorado and read this quote in a magazine which really touched me. It said, "The "magic" only happens when you fly so far out of your comfort zone that anything is possible and love can blossom". Hmm, I'm sure finding that to be true.

And this other sentence caused me to pause in reflection - "Magic is not all that different from courage". Isn't that interesting?


Calypso said...

Babs - You have been writing very mysteriously lately. Time to cut to the chase I think.

Unknown said...

I'm diggin the Mysterious Babs,
kinda shows glimpses into her
thought processes.

But, when do we hear that you've
sold the mexican villa and moved to the Coast of ......?

Babs said...

Well IF I knew what is going to happen, I would but things are still "in progress"...Patience men, patience..

comitan said...

Babs men aren't patient that's a pink job.
I can't believe I said that
Is stepping out of comfort zones contagious?

Babs said...

Yes, stepping out of comfort zones lets you see the big, wide world! AND sometimes even more...........

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...looks like she wasn't knocked on her back by the last bit of magic.

But I agree with the quote about stepping out of the comfort zone. My favorite expression is "Ships are safest in harbor but that isn't what ships were made for." Harbor is never a good place to stay for long.

Miss ya. Now I guess y'all is the not appropriate in the singular.

Islagringo said...

I agree with Calypso.

comitan said...

Richland A harbor is not always the safest place in a hurricane. something to be said for having room to move without rubbing something wrong

Anonymous said...


I laughed out loud at that one.