Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Bird Music"

I woke to the sound of the birds this morning. Aaah, how wonderful. I "rolled into" San Miguel yesterday afternoon.

The term "bird music" came from my fifteen month old granddaughter, Matilda. While I was in Colorado she and I were in the backyard. She is extremely alert. She heard a bird and "signed" the word for bird and then the word for music. I was flabbergasted. I'll treasure that memory.
Never will I hear a bird sing again that I don't think of this "wee one" having the cognitive skills to tell me what she was thinking. Pretty wonderful.

So, I'm slowly but surely plowing through all the stuff I brought back - the usual, books from friends, a Vonage set up (YEAH), various food items that I can't get down here, and then emptying the suitcases. Seven weeks of living out of suitcases is very interesting. I had one for winter stuff and one for summer stuff. I go prepared. I wore almost everything!

It's great to be back although I reluctantly left the beach. My soul has been replenished. Add to that all the kindnesses of friends and family and I must say it was the greatest trip to the USA I've ever had.

The funny thing is that I was, in a way, dreading it because of the anniversary of Jennifer's passing. But being surrounded by loved ones sure made it that much better.

Onward I go - lots of "stuff" happening - going to get back into the swing of things around here.
I have plenty of "happenings" from this trip to share with ya'll as soon as I download the photos.

Sure HOPE the rains come soon...........


Billie Mercer said...

Glad you are home safe and sound. I wish I was in SMA too.

Michael Dickson said...

You were gone seven weeks?! And your grandbaby knows sign language?! I am flabbergasted.

Bienvenidos a casa.

Steve Cotton said...

Welcome back. I suspect we are in for an interesting series of conversations. Good to have you back in Mexico.

Robin in Atlanta said...

So happy you are back home safely! Hope the border crossing was uneventful as usual. Can you now say you are happy to be home - or are you ready to 'move on' as you hinted in earlier posts? I have so loved reading about your adventure visiting friends & family. Thank you, Babs for sharing your world! Robin

Anonymous said...

She signed "Bird music" intriquing!

She will prove to be someone very special.

Anonymous said...

She signed "Bird music" intriquing!

She will prove to be someone very special.

Islagringo said...

Welcome back!

Babs said...

Ahh Isla Gringo, Steve, Felipe and Billie, I missed ya'll - sorta - when I had time!
And Robin glad you enjoy the blog.

Anon, yes, she indeed will be a VERY SPECIAL person. She already has a spunky personality!

Anonymous said...

Spunky like her grandma!