Sunday, May 03, 2009

"Hot" Houston

At one point, the guys at the Tourist Bureau used that phrase to get people to Houston. If I remember correctly, it backfired. Well, I'm here to tell you that it IS hot already in Houston and it's just the beginning of May - BUT not as hot as San Miguel - so there IS a method to my madness.

Last night I sat on a porch with a great friend where we discussed all manner of life issues. Since it is on the second floor, we were looking out through the trees and down at the passing walkers and cars. The evenings in Houston, to me, are lovely. The sound of the cicadas remind me of times laying in a hammock in the backyard looking at the stars. Simple pleasures.

As we sat on the porch, the other memory that came tumbling in was as a little girl in Chicago spending the night at my grandparents' house where they had a screened in back porch. EVERY time, in the summer, when my cousin and I spent the night there, my grandmother would let us drag a mattress down the hall and out onto that porch and spend the night out there. Another simple pleasure.

So, although the traffic is frenetic and people move at a fast pace, if you try hard enough and get off the beaten track, the lazy, Southern, down home feel of Houston does still exist - Woo hoo.


Michael Dickson said...

This morning in Pátzcuaro it was 58 degrees with blue skies and lovely company. said...

I'll try to remember this when it is still 95 degrees at 8 at night or 3 in the morning.

Dave Morris said...

Would love to have you put your porch story on our web site about porches! We are getting in excess of 30K page views per month so your story would get a wide audience and it's a perfect story to share!


Anonymous said...

hi babs,

when i was a little girl in cuba, my family would visit my grandma out in the country. she lived in the middle of nowhere, no roads (we took a train and walked to her place) no electricity or running water, heck, she even had a dirt floor. anyway, at night i would always hear crickets and frogs and to this day whenever i hear crickets and frogs they remind me of those times. yes, simple pleasures, they are some of the best!

glad you are enjoying your trip.


Paul said...

I used to love sleeping in screened in porches in the summertime. Now, in Merida, I get to do it all the time. The whole house is essentially a group of screened in porches once you open up all the screened big doors and windows. It is so nice to rediscover the pleasures of our youth.

Babs said...

Felipe - 58 is under the covers weather for me. Kay - we might hit 95 while I'm here. Dave, I'll respectfully pass, thanks and Teresa, sweet story!

Babs said...

Aah, Paul your abode sounds absolutely delightful....and cool!