Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunken Dreams

They're still pulling sunken sailboats, tugboats and fishing boats out of Clear Lake south of Houston. It is amazing to see them. They're all covered with thick coats of mud, as sunken treasure looks when it has been brought up after hundreds of years.

Today, Kay and I went to the shipyard to photograph the sight. We were promptly informed that it was a construction site and that unless we owned one of the boats we couldn't be there. Of course, you KNOW, that I said, "Of course we own one", with a twinkle in my eyes. The man let us wander around.

Unfortunately, not being computer literate, I have no idea how to download those photos since I'm not at my own computer. However, tomorrow, I will be at the "computer guru" brother's house and if there is a way to download, he'll know it. So, if you get to see the photos it will be thanks to him.

I stood and looked at the skeletons of joyful times. Of people's dreams for fun and sun. I was sad for the owners, many of who probably don't even know their boats are sitting in this yard.

I asked the man how these people would or could get their boats back. He said if they don't come and pay the fee that was accrued from the rescue that they will break up the boats and put them in the dumpsters or haul them off. Good grief, these are large boats.

Seeing all these sunken dreams reminded me of 1987 - Fort Worth, Texas. I had gone up to meet with an insurance company who had foreclosed on an office building in downtown Ft. Worth called Executive Plaza. They wanted my firm to update and renovate the interior public spaces of the building to bring it to ADA standards and codes. As we walked floor to floor and through abandoned office suite after office suite, I truly felt physically ill. It was beyond imagination that the downturn in the oil business had sunken and halted the lives of so many. I'll never forget that feeling.

I had a similar feeling today, but of course, not to the same degree. A boat is one thing, a livelihood is another.


Bob Mrotek said...

Okay, so don't forget about the house where Sam Houston stayed (lived?) after defeating Santa Ana at the battle of Jacinto which is only 22 miles away. It is a Greek style house with pillars and I think it is (was) yellow with white trim. Just ask the locals (if you can find any) how to get to Sam's place. Tell them that Mexico Bob sent ya :)

Calypso said...

I hope you had a great day amiga - and of course you were wearing your surgical mask the entire time.

1st Mate said...

I get the same sad feeling when I see the condos and hotels along the Mexican coast that either were never finished. Not because I wished they'd been finished, but because all that labor and land and money and planning were wasted and we're left with ruins.

Babs said...

Oh Bob, it is in Sam Houston Park downtown I think. I'll check on it.
Ahh, Calypso, so nice to hear from you.....It WAS a great day and I'm not worrying about the flu.....
Yes Ist Mate, I agree wholeheartedly.

Babs said...

It was a sad sight and another big one joined them today. It hasn't made it on to the blocks yet. So glad you were willing to troop in there with me and keep the guy chatting while I snapped away. Yep, lots of fun times and dreams sunk (literally).

Kay Cox said...

This is getting spooky. Now e-blogger thinks we are so much alike that they put your picture on my comment. Let's see if they do it again.