Thursday, April 02, 2009

The White Knuckled Drive - Through Morelia!

Now I must tell you it is a simple and beautiful drive from San Miguel to Morelia. Ten years ago there was not nearly as much signage as today, nor was there a cuota. But still, it was pretty simple, even then. Until you try to go to a specific destination in the city! In this case it was the Via Montana Resort up on a hill overlooking the city, in a residential area. I could not begin to count the number of times we passed the sign that was no larger then an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper back then. We figured that no one drives there. Therefore no need for a visible sign. I presume they all take taxis. Ahh, therein was our difference.
Kay was driving. I had the cell phone and the receptionist on the phone, who DID speak some English. It didn't matter. We just had a heck of a time finding the turn off. When we finally did and began to wind up the hill into the residential area, what would you believe? A horse walked out of someone's garage. Kay and I laughed. We did finally arrive and thoroughly enjoyed the property, the views, and the food. We spent a few days there since I was doing "research" for a resort I was working on in Arizona. Well, that was MY excuse.
Then we ventured forth to Patzcauro, Ihautzio to see my great friend Arminda, and ultimately over to Janitzio, early one morning. I think Kay and I were the only gringas on the island. It was very early - maybe 7:30AM. A fisherman started talking to us and Kay was deep in conversation with him as I dropped back to take this photo. It's a favorite - my dear Hippy Dippy friend, Kay and this teeny tiny fisherman.
As we came around the corner, we heard a tuba band and little drums. So, we sat on a step and waited to see what was going to happen. No one other then food vendors around. They seemed all atwitter. And with that, a group of fishermen and their wives came around another corner. The normally quiet and staid women were flipping their ever present aprons up and the women were dipping and dancing. It turned out to be a holy day in honor of the fishermen.
What a treat that was to see! Riding back on the ponga to Patzcauro, Kay and I just had these contented smiles on our faces.
We spent a week in Patzcauro at some great friends' house - Meg and Fred - who have some of the most beautifully manufactured furniture to wholesale in all of Mexico.
Great memories and adventures. Patzcauro continues to be one of my favorite places in Mexico.


Michael Dickson said...

You know Arminda Flores?!

The photo of Kay could easily be on the blog Gangs of San Miguel. Her attire makes her a star candidate.

Babs said...

YES, I know Arminda very, very well. Have known her for 10 - 15 years! Have stayed at her house and have made altars with her. She was running the wood factories where I was having furniture made for the hotel project in Arizona. A wonderful, lovely woman as is her whole family.

Paul said...

Lovely post, Babs. Thanks. I have always enjoyed my time in Patzcuaro and I was even in Ihuatzio once, maybe 20 some years ago. Except I thought it was a little cold for me in the mornings, especially in the big old colonial houses.

But I surely enjoy reading Felipe's accounts of life there. And now your visits. said...

We did have a great time, didn't we! I loved seeing all the women dressed up and preparing the big feast. Remember the Dance of the Old Men we saw at the dock? I'm glad to hear Arminda is doing well...she is a lovely person.