Sunday, April 05, 2009

WHAT a relief!

Yesterday I bounced out of bed and headed for the gym arriving at 8AM - locked doors. I sat in the car searching my brain trying to imagine what holiday, saint's day or whatever would keep it from being open (there are a lot of those). So, I got out, walked up to the door and discovered the gym doesn't open til 9 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday. Can you imagine that? Back in the old days I used to be at the gym in Houston at 5:30AM (that's when I was working). So I harummped myself back into the car and drove home by going through town - which I usually avoid.

As I passed the jardin I did a double take. It was fenced and had a gate with an electronic monitor. I almost ran up onto the curb. Luckily at 8AM I was the only car on Calle Sollano.
Good grief I couldn't believe my eyes. And then I remembered Morelia last September and thought it was for Holy Week. I was so dismayed thinking that would be there to see for a week.

So, I reluctantly walked down the hill with my digital camera today to go to a friend's house to watch the Palm Sunday parade. I have never gotten up and seen that parade in all the years I've been here. Well, lo and behold - no fence, no eletronic gate, nada. What a relief.

Here's the real story. The President flew in for the dedication of the restoration of Allende's home into a museum and therefore the tightened security. It appears from grousing taxi drivers that they don't want the President, whoever he may be, to come here if "that kind" of security is used in San Miguel - their words, not mine. Interesting.

So, it was all light and airy today - no signs of anything amiss and San Miguel was back to its open and charming self.

What a relief!


Calypso said...

San Miguel's charm is enhanced by you.

Babs said...

Oh Calypso, you are such a "silver tongued devil".