Monday, April 13, 2009

My "Magic Carpet" Ride

For twenty years, all I had to do was sit on my drafting stool at the old wooden drafting table. It was a gift from the most talented architect I've ever known. The world would disappear.

Truly, I could take a blank sheet or sheets of paper for plans and sit there for eight hours at a time and be surprised that it had not been a minute or two when I looked up and saw dark sky.

The most delightful and creative time of my life was starting with a blank sheet of paper and creating from four walls, or more, a new restaurant, resort or retail store. It was so great to be "leading edge" and not know it or care. Many a new concept, that is now a chain of restaurants, were born right on that table.

As the business got larger and busier, my time on my "magic carpet" rides became shorter and shorter. Until one day I realized I didn't have time to create and was, instead, operating a business! That had not been my intention. I eventually downsized and went "back to the board" as we called it.

I miss that part of my life, the creative process. The exhilaration of seeing what I had drawn on paper become a real, live, operating and money making venture. I was amazed for all those years that I could have so much fun and be paid well for the pleasure!

The reason this has come up is because I lugged that drafting table to Mexico. I still had a very large project in Florida that was ongoing. But, I had no room for the table and gave it to a brilliant couple of childrens' book authors and illustrators. They have lovingly used it for all their creative endeavors. Now they are leaving San Miguel and selling everything. They asked if I wanted the table back - ahhhh, it took me four days to get up the courage and determination to say "Sell it". It is the last connection to my other life.

No more "magic carpet" rides for me - at least with that table.


Steve Cotton said...

I suspect you have an extra carpet or two stashed in that life of yours. Fly on!

Islagringo said...

Are you sure you made the right choice. Maybe similar to having read the book but you still keep it on your shelf. said...

I think I'm ready to let go of a few of my "magic carpets" too. And I remember the table and didn't realize you had taken it down with you. I'm surprised you don't want it to make art on, no design plans, just art.

Calypso said...

To have a job that you would pay them to be doing is the ONLY way to earn a living in my book. I certainly felt that way making music for a living.

I'm still doing what I want - just not getting paid for it anymore ;-)

maria luz said...

OK, almost Birthday Sister. One more thing we have, almost, in common. As a child I spent an abundance of time at my Dad's drafting table. He was a commercial artist, but I was, from age six, drawing floor plans. Homes, schools, whatever.

A wrench hit my plans, though. Back in the early 60's, in backward San Antonio, I was not allowed to take an eighth grade drafting class. Why? The school said, "You are a girl and you are way too pretty. A complete distraction in a class of all boys."

Imagine that???!!!

I became a "proper" elementary teacher. Considered a "proper" avocation for a female, a future doctor's wife and mother. Arrrgh!

I left teaching and the doctor!

I am glad that someone from that place in time got to live my dream.

By the way, my Dad's drafting table is going with me to Mexico and I will not part with it. Never.

Are you sure you want to part with yours?

maria luz

Anonymous said...

hey maria luz,

I was the only girl in my "shop" class and everyone thought I was "just being weird". I got to
form metal on a lathe, make a metal funnel, use tools...wonderful. My Dad was an
architect. But never encouraged that in any of us 11 kids.
At 50 years old, I work in the construction industry, draft in AutoCad, and am updating my skills at Junior College...learning 3D CAD with 20 year olds.
I would vote to have the table shipped to the Grandson in Houston.
Family Ties....and all that.
Texas City TX

Babs said...

Ahh, I KNEW I was blessed during those 20 creatively wonderful years. I had already worked 20 years for companies I didn't respect in jobs I hated. So, the design business was a gift and I knew it! Yes Calypso we were blessed.
Steve I know I have other carpets to ride and it's best to let go of some things as you have been doing in great numbers.
And Maria Luz, I was told many times I couldn't do something because I was a girl - it DID NOT work with me - ever and still doesn't! Ha.........Good for you Dana. Your skills will be highly sought after - I had employees who took AUTOCAD, but I didn't.