Sunday, April 19, 2009

Life is about the journey, not the destination!

On Thursday, twice, this saying was either said or written to me. It made me sit up and take notice. I'm such a goal oriented person that I'm usually thinking about the destination......I also blame it on my Dad who when we would go on road trips turned into Attila the Hun. We would go from Chicago to Shreveport, La. and I doubt we had more then two potty stops. The same in reverse. It was always about getting there, in record time. Just one example of many.

Anyway, there are all kinds of fun things going on in my life right now. All of which, for once, I'm going to keep to myself. And so, having heard that phrase twice on Thursday, I stepped back and made a mental adjustment to enjoy the journey - all of it - and the heck with the destination that I had in mind.

And, the fun part is just wondering where the journey is going to take me. Maybe NOT to the destination I had in all. Life IS an adventure, isn't it?


Calypso said...

Life is a journey and an adventure. I'm hoping that I end up in the destination I am looking forward to (but not too soon) ;-)

Jonna said...

NOW your are talkin' darlin'!! It's never the destination and always the journey.

Every day is a treat and an adventure and every day is waiting to thrill you and amaze you.

Michael Dickson said...

Stuff going on, and you're gonna keep it to yourself?! That's no fun. Share! Share! Let it all hang out. We wanna see the laundry! Both dirty and clean,

Ruco said...

I had ridden a road in Arizona desert once before, it stayed with me for years, the sights, smells, the feeling. For 4 years I had dreamt of returning,and return I did.But the road had changed, it was not the same, the road was now a 4 lane highway, straight as an arrow, all the beautiful twists and turns had been taken out.I rode the highway,I got to where I was going, but the dreamed adventure was not what I had envisioned, but there were new stops, new sights and maybe it was what was meant to be. Again I say, All Things For A Reason.

Anonymous said...

re: Not sharing....
Were we collectively too hard on you about the man?
It seemed uncharacteristic of you, such a saavy gal, to capitalize, put in quotation marks, and even give the guy the name of "The Man".
How had he earned that designation yet?
Girl, you're the real deal, the complete package. I just hope you're not "running" from something.
Getting out of SMA for awhile sounds like a great idea. Men in search of a mate don't head to Alaska.
Rent out the villa and the Casita
and Set up shop on a Beautiful Beach. Go fishing for a SailorMate.
Totally out of Line today.
And it's a beauty here in Houston

Babs said...

Calypso, as kind as you are, your place is assured. Well Jonna, I'm a slow learner, but glad I'm getting my "head straight", ha.
Nope, Felipe, not sharing yet.....
Ahh Ruco, it is the old saying, "you can't ever go back". But, I totally agree with Felipe, get thee to Mexico!
Well Charley, no no one was as hard on me as I was on myself! I just "flipped out" over "The Man" and led with my heart instead of my head - but that is not a bad thing - just unusual for me. Honey I'm not running from anything, I'm running to......which is better then standing in place, don't you think.
Whoever you are Charley, I'm heading your way, well to Houston at least.

Michael Dickson said...

Babs, let´s get back to "stuff going on." Listen, what´s more important? Your peace of mind and sense of privacy or the selfish, voyeuristic needs of your fans?

It´s the latter, of course.