Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Labeling" my life!

Oh heck, I don't really mean labeling my life, but labeling the posts about life and other things in the last couple of years.

Being an Aries, I'm a broad stroke person. Not a tedious detail person. No I like the "big picture" scenario............always.

But, I have decided I need to organize the blogs so if I want someone to read all the blogs on my "travels" or some other category they can click on that and see all of them. I started labeling two days ago. Lordy, it is beyond tedious.

Now, someone out there needs to tell me how I get those labels on the side of the blog below the blogroll so people can click on them. I tried to figure it out last night for over an hour and rather then throw the computer out the door, I shut it off.

HELP! I can build buildings, I can raise kids, I can love life, but this @#$%^ computer drives me off the edge sometimes..........well frequently.


Michael Dickson said...

Fer crissakes, forget labeling. Go sit in the Jardín.

marilyn said...

Hi Babs, I love your travel and your personal posts. and, often you have both in one....yikes! that would make labeling difficult..I would think.
I agree "forget labeling"...especially if it makes you want to throw out your computer.....we await the next chapters!

Babs said...

So, Felipe, thanks for giving me permission to NOT do something I was grumbling about as I was doing're GREAT!