Tuesday, April 28, 2009

From swine flu to floods

The sky is falling! The sky is falling! That was the message yesterday in the hysteria driven news reports about swine flu. Good heavens, I have never heard so much hype about something BEFORE it happened. If one read carefully, instead of reading the headlines, it appears there have been only 20 confirmed swine flu deaths in Mexico City not over 150 as the headlines scream..........Well I haven't kissed a pig in a long time, so I'm going to tune out all this hyperbole.

Then this morning on my friends' TV is the flooding in the Texas area. Whew, we did have a storm at the beach last night that had me covering my head with the pillow. It WAS scary. And, as usual, people drove into underpasses where they exist in Houston and guess what, there cars are still there. It makes me shake my head in wonderment that people do this over and over and over.

Ok, enough of all of that - I'm off to talk to the birds. They don't talk back with silliness.


Steve Cotton said...

"Talk to the birds." Just like Snow White?

Julie said...

Hi Babs! So does this mean that "swine flu frenzy" has not yet completely descended on San Miguel?? My husband and I were planning to make the drive up for the long weekend (promise not to bring any viruses from DF), but I am wondering whether the city will be on lock-down by then like it is around here... Is life still functioning as normal, stores/restaurants open, etc.? Just trying to determine whether to come check out the town, or if we would just end up sitting in our hotel the whole time... :) Thanks in advance for any insight!

Babs said...

Julie- I'm in Texas so I have no idea what's happening in San Miguel. I would "assume" tht all is still going on......down there, but who knows?

Steve - yse I do best talking to those who just let me ramble on........ha

Anonymous said...

Also in the local news, besides the Rain, is the Conviction/Plea deal of the Hart Galleria Auction owners. Does that send a chill down your lil ol Designer spine...stealing from clients! Man!

Texas City

Babs said...

Ah Dana didn't know anything about that. Will check. I've known Jerry since he was in jr. high with my brother. He was always a fine man. Sad to hear.

Anonymous said...

The Harts are well-known......I only know what I read in the Chron.
Maybe it's not the whole story.
Basically, embezzling.
Nothing that the Babs would succumb to...She can walk away from the lure of Tilman Fertitta's money. Now, that's character!

Inside the Loop

Babs said...

Thanks Chasrley for the compliment.

From Babs who used to live "inside the loop"!

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that Gay & I are following your current adventure.