Thursday, February 05, 2009

Short Trip - Looooong Story

I won't bore you with the details but I never got to the beach. Again, there have been obstacles, and for once I realized the Universe is trying to tell me somthing - Melaque is NOT in the cards for this year. Accept it. This time a month ago, I was just getting out of the hospital and determined to get to the beach and then that faded. This too will fade....

I'm back in San Miguel. I'm not at the beach. I've put the Capt Morgan's back on the shelf and the cocktail mixer too. Another time, another place.

Great and I hear it's going to be 32 tonight. Oy vey.

I do have to tell you that I so love driving the roads of Mexico - really, well the cuotas. I saw two trucks of pigs going to market and recited the nursery rhyme to myself. I saw a shepherd with a herd of white sheep - so fluffy in Jalisco state. And wonder of wonders, I saw about forty people on the side of the road cleaning up the trash from the huge pilgrimage to San Juan de Lagos recently. They had trucks stationed over a long swath of road to put all the trash in - first time I've ever seen that. And the vistas always mesmerize me.

So, although I didn't get the BIG prize of the beach, I still had a nice drive along the way. So be it.


Anonymous said...

hi babs,

matilda is precious. i enjoyed reading all about your family, however, i'm a bit confused. i try to keep up to date with your blog, but sometimes i'll go for days without seeing anything and then i'll see several, some with dates from previous days, even though i checked on those days. so, how does that happen? just curious. also wondering if you've been getting my e-mails. i haven't received 1 from you in almost 2 weeks-my last 2 have gone unanswered. i'm having trouble with e-mails disappearing, so i am wondering if that's what's happened with yours, either going or coming.

anyway, i hope you're not dealing with any more health issues. it's too bad you weren't able to get together with 1st mate, but there will be other opportunities i'm sure. in just a few more weeks, it will be a year since chris and i swam out to their boat while they were in chacala. i miss the beach too.

do take good care of yourself.


Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- Sorry you missed another beach trip, but there will be other Moments. You sound as if you are enjoying the one you are in.

Calypso said...

It reads as if you are making sound decisions on what you should or shouldn't be doing right now.

We all worried a lot during the trials of your last adventure.

Sometimes it is good to just say know!

Life is still a beach - with or without being on one ;-) said...

Uh oh...this warrants a phone call. And tomorrow is CBS Sunday morning. Geez, hope you aren't still under the weather. The picture of Matilda's foot is adorable...did you do that with your camera? I'm impressed. Glad to see our sons got connected on Facebook. said...

Make a hot toddy with the Capt Morgan's and swirl an umbrella in it and just pretend you are at the beach.