Friday, February 06, 2009

Noise in the 'Hood

With apologies to Calypso, where today on his blog I commented that I don't have noise in my hood. I must confess TODAY I do............and I have had a bit off and on for a couple of weeks. I had forgotten. For you see, when the primary school lets out every day, there are a few dedicated new bugle players and one drummer trying desperately to be instrument players - not musicians.

There must be three or four bugle players. Very funny. They remind me of the kid in my son's Boy Scout troop who was the designated bugle player and was so shy that he played taps and every other bit of musicthing from behind the bathroom door of their boy scout hut. THAT's what this group sounds like - shy, scared to death kids, but DETERMINED.

The noise certainly doesn't bother me because they only practice for about 45 minutes. Every now and then the drummer chimes in but never does it sound like he was supposed to do so.

Hopefully whatever they are practicing for isn't going to happen for a very long time!


Calypso said...

Babs - I'm sure your area is more civilized than ours - on the other hand - do you live by a school?

We have baying burros and mules that sound like bugles - or ducks with a boot on their neck - no buglers ;-)

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- In Oregon, I live within a block of a high school that has a very large -- and very loud -- drum and bugle corps. The advantage I have is that they are actually pretty good. So, I am acclimated to noise. I will just need to learn to enjoy a new variety. The house where I will be staying in Melaque is on a great beach, which is crisscrossed regularly by teens on ATVs. I just enjoy the fun they are having.

kent mccoy said...

noise? how bout this noise!!

Check out the "Back Band." Keith Richards? Paul Shaffer? Who else?

Can you imagine being in the audience that night (at least 20 years ago)!!??


Check out this clip! Enjoy!

Babs said...

Hi Calypso - Yes, I have the primary school right out my front door and the kindergarten behind me! I LOVE it - the sound of the laughter is the best "noise". But I do have braying burros and donkeys and every now and then the coyotes.......
Steve - Hmm, a drum and bugle corps, this group is NOT. Just stragglers trying to get it together but it is pretty cute and LOUD. Maybe by highschool they WILL be a drum and bugle corps!

Shirley Gonzalez-Day said...

There is nothing like the noise in SMA. Whether roosters, dogs, fireworks, or Mariachi music, it doesn't get any better than that.