Monday, February 23, 2009

Fernando Montes de Oca Escuela

Across the dirt road from my house is the escuela primeria (primary school). It is a large, but nondescript school. However it is a GREAT landmark to give to a taxi driver to get to my house - they allllll know where it is. I love the sound of the handheld bell that rings to start and end school. And add to that the laughter and happy sounds of the kids and the whole place gets an A+ from me for a good neighbor award.

A month or so ago this new "architectural element" was added atop the entrance gate. It sure looked strange until this past week when a painter appeared, climbed up onto a ladder and gave the new element a purpose.
No pattern or line drawing was used, but this young man just stood on the ladder and free handed the illustration of Sr. Montes de Oca.
When I asked if I could take the photos, he answered me in English with "Sure". Don't you just love it?
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Wow, the school comes to life in another way. I loved standing on the top deck of the casita and watching their ceremonies, especially the trumpets who arrived all piled into the back of a pickup.