Monday, February 23, 2009

The "Blogger" Bench

Today I walked into the jardin and what to my wondering eyes did appear, fellow bloggers Billie, (BillieBlog) and Richard of (Gangs of San Miguel) and Richard's partner. Of course I had to join them where we sat and pealed with laughter at all manner of silly talk- probably fodder for future blogs.

The converstaion also turned to Theresa in Merida who is organizing the 2nd Annual Latin American Bloggers Meet and Greet. It should be a blast. The others are thinking of going - I won't as I'm hoping to be lolling on the Sea of Cortez. HEY, I'm determined to get to water, somewhere and I already have an airline ticket!

So, if you haven't already contacted Theresa, here's the way to do it. OR by email Sounds like it will be such fun - the best part is to get to meet all the wild and wooly group who we all LOVE to read.

Someone record this Happening for me, ok?

1 comment: said...

It is fun to meet fellow bloggers and the Latin America meetup should be great fun. But better for you, water and sun. When do you leave?