Saturday, January 31, 2009

The LAST Chapter

So as you know I was in Houston for three weeks and then flew to Colorado to see the "one and only" Matilda Isabella ( and her parents, of course). Oh my what fun that was - being on the floor with her and playing. Or just sitting watching her antics. I have enlarged the picture above to 8x10 and have it in my bedroom so when I wake up in the morning that is my "wakeup call". It's so great having a baby in our family again.
I love this photo of she and I with her little Christmas shirt on with the fur around the neck and cuffs. Can you tell she's got auburn hair? What a delightful surprise.
I brought the wings for Matilda - I'm hoping she uses them for Halloween costumes, dance recitals or whatever is in her future. I thought this photo was cute because of the light and the usual chaos of paper and gifts on Christmas morning.
And this last photo is the famous "crinkly nose" routine. I tried for a couple of days to capture her doing this. Then after I laughed out loud at her doing it - every time from then on when she saw me with the camera, she made this crinkly nose face. Too cute.

I took 349 photos and these are just a few of the many, I won't bore you with allllllllll of them. Hopefully I haven't bored you with all of these. It's who I am and what I least the family part of my life.
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She's SO can you stand to leave her! I miss having any babies in our family...they all grow up too fast. But fun at every age and stage.