Saturday, January 31, 2009

Delayed Gratification - Chapter 3

It's so great that Hannah and Christopher are so close in age and always have so much fun together. Just in case you don't remember, Hannah is the twin of Andrew from my daughter Julie and Christopher is my daughter Jennifer's son. He's now 10 years old. Hannah is 11. So for an adventure I got the two of them together - Hannah lives north of Houston and Christopher lives in Houston and we spent the day doing all kinds of fun things. First stop, Pappasito's for lunch. It's a must on every trip to Houston cause I love Tex-Mex and so do the kids - well sort of - Christopher had hot dogs, whatever.
Christopher reminds me more and more of his Mom. He has those full cheeks and beautiful lips. He also has her great sense of humor. He is the legacy that she left to us to remind us of her all the time. Anway, I love this goofy shot of him at the restaurant.
Then we left and went to the movies. But it was a movie that you had to park in the parking garage which was very confusing. I started to park somewhere and Christopher was saying,"No, No Grammy you CAN'T park here - they'll TOW you!" I acted like I was going to anyway and he said, "Hannah YOU talk to her!" Made me laugh out we got into the movie theater and the movie didn't start for about 45 minutes and there were all kinds of video games and a photo booth. Neither of them had ever been in a photo booth. WHAT fun they had taking goofy photos - I'll share that with you at another time. It brought back memories. Haven't all of us been in one of those booths at some time in our lives? So somehow the subject of birthdays came up and they realized that my birthday had come and gone and that neither had gotten me a present (their thought not mine) and lo and behold, with the money they had brought for the video games, they bought a pink shell bracelet for me instead of using the money for themselves. Of course I treasure it more then any diamond I've ever been given. Pretty cool, huh?

We saw the movie Madagascar and left the movie singing, "Move it, Move it".........see, this is how I let my "inner child" out - by being with the kids.
This last photo of Christopher is on another day. He arrived after a birthday party where they went to the mall and MADE remote control cars. Those of you in the states know about the "Build a Bear" stores - well this is a build a car for boys. A brilliant idea in my opinion. They had cake and ice cream and made their cars. AND it runs. At the end, after finishing the cars, they got a certificate with their name on it and the greatest "car" box to keep it in. Someone is a marketing genius. Christopher was very proud of it, as well he should be, and wanted me to take a photo of him with it.

My cup runneth over with memories from this past Thanksgiving and Christmas time. I'm a very lucky lady.
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Steve Cotton said...

Great memories.

Your comment about the photo booth triggered one for me. While cleaning up some of my boxes, I found one of those photo strips. It is of my brother and me. We are probably 7 and 9. Of course, most of the shots are just plain goofy, but that was who we were.

I just went up stairs and stuck it in the frame of one of my more expensive painitings. The strip is worth far more to me.

Billie Mercer said...

Barbara, yes you are fortunate but it is because you live in the moment and relish life.

Babs said...

Oh Steve, you are one in a million. Billie, you are so kind and always uplift me! What would I do without you?