Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chili Cookoff 2009

My first outing of 2009 turned out to be the Chili Cookoff
which benefits a local charity.

This is the third year of this event. The first year was held in a teeny, tiny dirt parking lot. This year there were 55 cookoff booths!
And, judging by the charros there and the amount of people sampling chili at each booth this was a huge success. It was the perfect
place for me to go today to let everyone know, all at once, that I'm home and alive. Above is my friend Deborah who is a beautiful
horse woman and delightful friend. And the photo below is me with one of the few Americans who is allowed to be a charro. It is a very exclusive thing to be a charro in Mexico..

Also, along with about 500 other people, were the "other" grandparents of Matilda. Lisa's parents. So, of course, I thought lets get a photo together.....why not? Lisa's mother rides almost daily.

And, one more fun photo of me with two charros. Glad I got out and saw everyone! It was a beautiful day - in the mid 70's.
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Anonymous said...

hi babs,

you look great! none the worse for wear after all you went through. love the pix of the gypsy kids. got a great laugh out of the last one with dusty, or was it rusty? it looked to me like he was saying, "enough of this picture stuff."

did you get my last e-mail? i wrote a few days ago but maybe you've just been too busy to answer. glad to see you are out and about again.

have a nice weekend!


Islagringo said...

Oooh Mamacita! You are looking hot and not at all like you have just gone through Hell and back. I want to be a charro too!

Babs said...

Hi Teresa - I id get your email - sorry I didn't respond. It WAS nice to be out and about - and Isla Gringo - you are such a "silver tongued devil" I've always wanted to be a hot mamacita, ha - is that like a hot tamale?