Friday, November 21, 2008

Revolution Day Parade - 2008

Every year I say to myself that I have ENOUGH photos of the kinder kids parading as Pancho Villa and his sidekicks. I head down to centro with that thought in mind, and ALWAYS succumb to the delight of these precious children. Their mothers and fathers spend so much time creatively making their costumes.
I wouldn't say that my photos are great, or even good, because it is hard to photograph a moving target. Especially those who don't want to be photographed as in Pancho below........His snarly look says it all.
Mixed in with Pancho and his friends are the teachers who must be "wannabe" cheerleaders cause there are drum majors, cheerleaders and gymnastic exercises. Cute and clever.
These little kindergarteners walk at least a mile and a half in this parade. They are worn out when it is over........but those watching all leave with smiles on their faces..........ME included.
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Steve Cotton said...

Very nice photographs. Keep them coming.

I see that someone has dressed up a little boy as Porfirio Diaz. Do they run him out of town at the end of the parade?

Anonymous said...

it's always fun to see pictures of kids. they're so cute in their costumes. i'm the same way, even if i have lots of pictures of something, i tend to take lots more if it's something i really like, usually mountains-not too many kiddy parades around these parts.

you must be so excited about your trip. any word on mr. lizard?

have a great weekend!


Babs said...

Ha, ha Steve.