Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nine Months of Bliss

I was 49 years old when my first granddaughter was born. I was NOT ready to be a "grandmother". Ah, but little did I know what a gift I had been given! Grandchildren teach you to be "soft" again. They give you the gift to be a kid - to get down on the floor and roll with them. To take great bubble baths and make pictures on the wall with bubbles. I could list so many things that I have been able to do with my FIVE grandchildren in Texas. Pure joy and simple goodness. Well this precious bundle who above is sleeping, it appears, is about to be my next chapter of "being soft". I can hardly wait to be in Colorado with her in December.
Here she is eating beets. I swear I have pictures somewhere of my kids doing the same thing. It's a "rite of passage". This photo makes me giggle.
In my humble opinion this photo of Matilda Isabella should be on the cover of a baby magazine - but then I'm prejudiced. Cute, isn't she?
So, in the last 17 years, the sweetest words from their mouths to my ears has been the name, "Grammy".


Calypso said...

It is indeed a terrific photo amiga - that child looks as if she will want for nothing - certainly at that moment she had it all ;-)

Michael Dickson said...

Nice-looking kid. Nice name. Ah, grandchildren. I have none, and never will. And you have five? Want to give me one or two? It only seems fair.

Babs said...

Actually Michael it is 6 - five in Texas and the new one in Colorado. One or two........sorry no can do. But, if they all ever get down here I might share for a few hours.
How about the little boy you write about - couldn't he be your "honorary grandson"? said...

She is such a beauty but I vote for the first photo for the magazine cover.