Friday, October 17, 2008

Smithsonian - October 2008

This month's issue has two very interesting articles that I thought I might mention just in case you might be interested in reading them.

The first is called "Inside Iran's Fury" which explains all the reasons why the country has such national pride and is so angry at the attempt of foreign domination or direction. It was an eye opening article for me to read. I confess ignorance about the country's history. I had a dear friend in Houston who, as she said is "Persian". She was one of the most tranquil, elegant and well read people I have ever met. She left with me such a positive image of her country that I have never understood all the "hate mongering" from the present administration.

The other article that was equally surprising was a POSITIVE article about Houston, Texas! It is written by a transplanted New Yorker and celebrated poet. Delightful read. It is entitled "Southern Comfort".

Smithsonian Magazine is one of my favorite publications. I ALWAYS learn something in their articles. It is one of the few publications that I read from cover to cover.



Calypso said...

Babs - you are such a cultured dame - I wonder if you would have the likes of me to tea if I visited SMA?


Steve Cotton said...

John -- "Cultured dame." Great phrase. And I suspect you are correct. But I suspect our Babs would more likely be seen taking Hemingway down a peg in the local. But I may have that Evergreen background a little wrong. ;}

Babs said...

Calypso - of course you are invited for "tea"! In fact tomorrow night I am having the blogger who writes "Gangs of San Miguel" and his partner over for dinner. I love being considered a "cultured dame"..especially a "dame", ha.
And, Steve, I never divulge my activities at Evergreen.......I just say, "I don't recall"...ha.

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- Cultured dame that you are, we will need to sit down and talk about the world -- one of these days.

Babs said...

Steve - Looking forward to it!