Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Delightful and Delicious Evening

Do you know when you meet someone new that they would hit it off with other friends? I did instantly when I met "Richland" of Gangs of San Miguel and his partner Chris. WHAT a great sense of humor both have - that dry wit that just knocks me over. They are a pair! Playing off each other in their humor and then Richard throws in a question that you're afraid to answer for fear the anwer will end up on the "Gang"...........just kidding. But, he does ask very thought provoking questions.

So, I got out the pots and pans and whipped up a hearty meal for them and my friends Ron and Fred last night. And, at the last moment the new tenant for the guest house arrived in town, so I added another chair and there were six of us.

What a fun evening. Repartee, lots of wine, good food and great conversation. Just as I suspected the two couples that I wanted to introduce hit it off. Kiddingly I said that now they can get together without me and they eluded to the fact that it was waaaaaaay too much fun to have me there to pick on! Geez with friends like that, who needs enemies? (I say that jokingly).


Steve Cotton said...

Well, another event I missed!

Babs said...

You would have SO enjoyed last night. The conversational topics were wide ranging and everyone was here for about 5 hours!

Anonymous said...

And Steve we even talked about you and everyone in San Miguel. I ran home and made copious notes.

But Babs downplayed her role and her stories from the thing that came down her chimney to the scorpion in the bathroom. We do love to pick on her.. and how can you have an fun everything without a victim. (yeah right Babs as a victim)

Islagringo said...

I would have loved to have been there. I miss spontaneous fun times like that. And the best part? Helping to pick on you! Only because I just know in my heart of hearts that you can dish it as well as take it!

Babs said...

Wayne, it would have been an absolute blast to have had you and Steve here also! Wow, then it would have been 7 men to 1 woman - I LOVE those odds, ha........reminds me of my days in the construction business when I could strike terror in the lives of some of the subs........I'll tell one story about that some day.