Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An "Adventure" in the Bedroom

Ok, don't get your hopes up - this is NOT that kind of adventure..............but it is funny if I can portray a mental image for you.

I moved from a house with lots of closets to a house with ONE closet - I'm closet deprived! A woman DOES NEED closets. But, being creative, I have four plastic storage boxes on wheels under the bed. I have six plastic storage bins in one storage area above the closet. These bins are filled with the opposite season's clothes, shoes, jackets, etc................

Twice a year I switch them out and herein lies the "adventure"! Everything currently in the closet has to be removed from the hangars, folded and made ready to go in the plastic bins. BUT I must leave one spot for the bins as I take them from under the beds or down from the high area. It is a symphony of movement. Not so much with the stuff UNDER the bed, but when it comes to the bins above the closet it necessitates a step ladder, strong arms and a flat head.
Yes, you read that right - a flat the women in the market have when they carry flowers, fruit, food or whatever. I HAVE to put these bins on my head so I can hold onto the stepladder handles as I go down the ladder. It is a sight I CANNOT witness myself, but it must look pretty darn funny. A Carmen Miranda act...........without the fruit or music.

The whole "lateral transfer of parts" takes about 3 hours. I'm sweating by the time I have gone up and down, because, of course you understand all the newly folded stuff that is now put in the bins has to go UP the step ladder.

I completed this task yesterday............I definitely have a "sense of accomplishment". Today I wore fall clothes and was darn glad I "did" the switch............(I did keep the swimsuit, and summer clothes under the bed however for the trip to the beach in January which I'll be more then ready for by then).

And then people wonder what I do with my time all day? Ha...........IF they only could see!


Islagringo said...

You did a great job with the visual image! LMAO! Wish I could have seen it, Ms Miranda!

Steve Cotton said...

Babs _- I am fascinated at how much movement goes on in your home. Plants. Clothes. Wildlife.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

You have closets? There no closets in our house,we have roperos, yup,wardrobes similar to the ones in the Narnia books but not as large.
As for having a flat head, what you need is a porter's ring. You make a doughnut out of fabric that sets on your head and makes a flat spot that doesn't slip.

Michael Dickson said...

Ah, you poor deprived baby, and poor Theresa in Merida too! We built our house, and it has two closets the size of Mexican bedrooms, one closet upstairs, one downstairs. They both serve as not only closets but storerooms. We had a carpenter build shelves that turn this way and that, right angles and extending out into the rooms, and they go from floor to the high ceiling.

After living here five years, there are still vacant spaces on those shelves. And unoccupied hanger rails.

Ahhhh. . .Can´t beat it!

That was my idea, of course. When my wife, who is Mexican, saw that part of the plan, she was perplexed. She had never seen a closet of that size. It seemed very odd to her.

Babs said...

Ah I love the "Ms Miranda" name, might have to adopt that!
And Steve, yes, it is it's own little environment here - NEVER a dull moment!
Theresa, if I didn't have this one closet I'd shoot myself..or build one.
And "Mr.Clever Dude Miquel", I covet your closets. Senora indeed is a lucky lady to have you!

Calypso said...

Dear Ms Miranda,

Yes, your header caught my immediate attention -

I am still working on the "if you haven't seen or used something in a year - get rid of it" theory.

Just got back from Colorado retrieving a lot of stuff I haven't seen in a year - what can I write possessed by possession is a terrible obsession ;-(

Now how can I get all this stuff home to Mexico...?

:-) Juan

Islagringo said...

Calypso: Give me just one day in your bodega! I am the King of use it or loose it.

Babs said...

OH the mental image of IslaGringo and Calypso in MY bodega makes my heart go pitty pat.........ha!

The "use it or loose it" thought means the charities in San Miguel are the beneficiaries of more stuff from me then you would believe. If I haven't WORN it in a year, out it goes!

Calypso we'll all be glad when you're back in your casa South of the Border! Safe and Sound.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Miranda,
No friends to help you? Maybe next time an offer of dinner to a friend who is willing to help you do the heavy lifting and shifting?

Islaholic Trixie said...

I know I could not live without my closet space. After reading your post I counted my closets, including linens in the bathrooms, in our house. Total of Six, three of those being walk-ins. And every one of them is full!!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is much difficult .I could not live without my closet space. After reading your post I counted my closets, including cover in the bathrooms, in my house.

Online Marketing Solution said...

Having seen this arrangement when you shared some wonderful stuff with me (I still wear the sweater if it ever gets cool again here) I think you did a stupendous job of describing the process. Love it and you!