Saturday, August 23, 2008

Spring and Summer Goddess

"Out of the blue" last week I received a very touching email from an artist in Rhode Island who has been reading my blog. He found the blog on the Rare Vision blogsite and now has my blog in his "favorites". I was very honored. The artist's name is Bill LaCivita. Bill said he lives near the coast and creates these wonderful pieces of concrete with shells and rocks he finds along the seashore. This piece is entitled Spring and Summer Goddess and he is sending it to me! I'm THRILLED.
I know you'll want to read more about Bill and see lots more of his work. Here's how to do it:
Go to Then when you get there, click on the "Big Map - then go to Rhode Island and click on Bill LaCivita's name. Enjoy!

Of course I've been prowling around my tiny house looking for the "perfect" place for this exquisite new piece of folkart. Although my house is tiny, my gardens and roof terrace are large and I know she will go somewhere where I can see her each and every day!
Thanks Bill!


Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- Interesting site. On their map, they have an interesting description of a site I described some time back -- the Bomber gas station. It truly qualifies as visionary art.

Michael Dickson said...

The guy is shipping you a piece of cement?? This could get interesting at the border.

But it´s really nice. Tell him to send a copy to Tzurumútaro.

Babs said...

Nooooo, nooo, no Michael - he wanted to ship it to Mexico and I told him it would be highly unlikely that I would EVER get it! So he's shipping it to Houston and when I drive up next I'll bring it back in the car.....
I DO love the piece - now I just have to find a "perfect" place for her......... said...

Well, glory be...see I told you blogging would be fun! Good for you...awesome gift.