Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Social" Schedule - "Blogging" Schedule

As every charity in town tries to get their "event" completed before most of the "sweatbirds" leave next week, one must either have deep pockets or go for the freebies. I tried a couple of the charity events that I support (one was breathtakingly boring) but I kept telling myself afterwards, "Well it went to a good cause", but also said to self - "never again!"

Then the fun stuff was Sunday having brunch with friends at Villa Santa Monica which is one of my favorite places in town - small, intimate, beautiful courtyard and unhurried service. Harp music while we laughed and spent a couple of hours talking and eating - my idea of happiness. Villa Santa Monica was originally a home and now it is a boutique small luxury hotel. Quiet and enjoyable next to Juarez Park - if you haven't been there, you should go some day! It is a little piece of Mexican heaven.

Yesterday was connecting for an hour or so with the "coffee klatch" group - which ranges in age from 80 to mid 40's and since I usually walked down the hill on Mondays to pay bills, pick up fresh veggies, etc. I always stop and have a cup of coffee with them........fun group.

Today was magnificent. Drove out to Atotonilco because there was to be a lecture on the finished restorations in the chapels of the main church. I know this whole place very well and when I bring the tour group here once a year, that is always a destination. But I thought, it might be someone I didn't know lecturing and I might learn something. Ha, imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the woman who I use for the tours who is incredibly knowledgeable.

She did talk about the process that was gone through in the application for UNESCO World Heritage designation and that was fascinating. I was also surprised to learn that Atotonilco has more murals then any other church in the world - including the Sistine Chapel! In addition, it is a pilgrimage site for Latin Americans from as far away as Belize, and during the Easter Season there can be as many as 6000 pilgrims on the site and they are fed and provided for by the Dominican nuns........startling information.

I know right about now you're thinking , "So, where are the pictures?" Well, you can't take photos in the chapels or church and I'm still "fiddling" (that is a kind term) with the @#$%^ new digital camera. I haven't learned how to download to the computer yet. BUT I did get a really poignant group of photos of something that was going on outside the church that I will share with you when I figure out HOW to share it with you...............

Whew, I'm glad all the social stuff is over for a while and I can get back to my slow paced life. Well, for a couple of weeks til the tour group gets here anyway.


picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

So now we are uphill I hope...sounds like a lovely day. I love picturing you with your new camera...wish I were there to help you. I'm looking forward to the pcitures. Hi to the coffee gang!

Steve Cotton said...

Babs -- Two possible ways to migrate your picture. First, does your computer have a card reader (a little slot the size of your camera memory chip)? If so, just pop the card out of your camera and into your computer card reader. Second, your camera should have come with a cable that hooks between the camera and the computer. Either way is real easy to transfer images. Let us know. We are willing to help.

1st Mate said...

Babs - The cable is the easiest, and you don't have to handle the tiny card and worry about damaging it (fingerprints, etc). Hope you get it working soon, we miss your pix.

Islagringo said...

Either way....we want pictures! (glad to have you back even without pics!)

Babs said...

Ya'll are so sweet and encouraging! I was so busy today that I didn't get to TRY to download the photos - I will - I KNOW I can figure this out. In fact, I think I'm also going to take a few hours of lessons with an award winning photographer so I'm NOT intimidated by this camera. For heavens sake, why would some little thing like this intimidate me? It does!