Saturday, August 02, 2008


My trip to Houston was for many reasons (some of the others to follow) but one of the main reasons was to spend time with Amanda and Patrick and to be there to relieve Patrick for a few days so he could go "wander" or whatever. On my third day there, I took this photo of Amanda taking twelve steps, each more agonizing and pain-filled then the one before. You see, since her auto accident the first part of January, she has either been bedridden or in a wheel chair only for the time to get from Point A to B.
But, among all the other admirable traits of my dear friend, is her determination to walk again. Now she has had no physical therapy as yet............she has yet to go back into the hospital for that! This is sheer guts and determination. Three cheers for Amanda.
For those of you who have just discovered this blog and don't know the story you can start in all of January and then again on January 28th when she came out of ICU after 25 days and I wrote again on February 24th and March 24th............
We talked a lot during this visit - when I was up in Houston in January she couldn't talk........and one of the comments that has stuck with me besides her upbeat attitude is......"We always thought I would be taking care of Patrick since he is older then me - who would ever think that it would be the reverse" Yes, who would ever? She is her usual sharp self and directing as many activities as possible from her bed.................she's a real dynamo.
I cannot at this time divulge details of the two drivers who hit them going 100 mph at impact - one of which fled the scene..........but when I can you'll just gasp! It's so disgusting.
BUT we won't dwell on that - we'll dwell on Amanda's achievement and progress and the fact that someday she will be up and rowing her shell and swimming with the dolphins again. She'll be able to be the mother to 7 kids she has always been and so many grandkids that I don't even know the count!
We've been friends for thirty years ................WHAT A WOMAN she is! When I left she said "I'll be in San Miguel next year for a visit" - I don't doubt it at all!

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Great to see a picture of Amanda...what determination and sheer will power to get herself going again. I am hoping she will get herself into therapy soon as I think it will really help. So glad you spent some time with her.