Tuesday, May 20, 2008

2 Possums, 4 Hummingbirds and Velcro the Cat

I'm busy on the computer this morning with the cool breeze billowing the curtains and out of the corner of my left eye SOMETHING moves. I turn my head and can't believe my eyes........it's a POSSUM. IT is walking over the big boulders on the outside patio and going behind the chaise lounge. I immediately call son John, the wildlife biologist. Conversation goes like this. "Hey John, aren't possums night creatures? Yes, he answers, most of the time. I say, well one just walked behind the chaise lounge. Is it foaming at the mouth he asks? Are you kidding, I say - I'm NOT that close nor do I intend to get that close" So we decide all is well and it's not acting weird, as far as I know, and I go back to the computer listening for the possum to move this way........

I swear about an hour later ANOTHER possum walks over the rocks and settles down behind the chaise - then one of them, either Possum #1 or #2 climbs up the rock wall to eat some berries. So, ah ha, I grab the camera and start out the door - those suckers are "camouflaged" and I don't know if the photos will develop or not. I want to ASSURE you that I did NOT go all the way out on the patio, but instead held the screen door open, used the zoom lense and snapped fast. Ready at all times for a hasty retreat.

I had no sooner settled down when 4 hummingbirds started dive bombing each other - all trying to get to the same bourganvilla bush.

Velcro, THE cat sat in the comfortable reading chair inside the wall of windows and just watched all the Wild Kingdom activity right outside our door!

I don't make up any of this............it ALL really happens in this magical place called San Miguel.
Ain't life just a "trip"?

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picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Gee, that sounds like El Lago. Haven't seen the racoons lately, though. Guess they moved on when we shut the pet door giving them access to the cat food.