Wednesday, April 23, 2008

:Ladies who Lunch"

I NEVER fit into this scene - never have! Maybe it's because I always worked and had important things on my mind or decisions to make. But now, I know that I'm not a "surface" talker - never have been!

I was invited to a lovely potluck luncheon yesterday and I thought it was so nice to be included. I so like the person who had the luncheon and she is a very kind lady and fun. I respect her so much because she is her own person and unique.

It was funny on the way over with my "hippy chick" friend Gayle that we were talking about aging and how totally unimportant our looks are anymore and that living life is waaaaaaay more important. I remember mentioning that about ten years ago as I realized my "looks were going" that I purposely read about many accomplished women - Eleanor Roosevelt, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, just to name a few, to remind myself that accomplishment didn't require looks.

So, we get to this luncheon and lo and behold a woman of fifty has a machine to stop aging, wrinkles etc. and she only paid $5000 US for it. She started worrying about this at 35! Good grief...............She is a beautiful woman and I talked with her at length but I so wanted to say, "Honey, it's about what's inside, not outside!"

San Miguel seems to be attracting more and more women who are having face lifts and boob jobs and whatever else people do to stop aging. Don't they know you can't? I think I would rather take that money and go on a trip!


Brenda said...

I totally agree with you.

Kay Cox said...

Maybe we could form a group for "non-lunching ladies"...I say this as I am headed to a pot-luck luncheon of my writing group. I don't do style shows, never have...just thought them a stupid waste of time. Give our friend Gayle a hug...hope she is doing well.

Babs said...

Thanks Brenda and Kay - It just reminds me that I'm never too old to learn........

Michael Dickson said...

Babs, I am reading some of the older sections of your blog. Seems you are now 66. You have two years on me.

Is that your high school graduation photo on the blog?