Monday, April 21, 2008

Cleaning out a cabinet

Just in case you think that living in Mexico has no reality - it does. There are routine things that have to be done from time to time - but not many. My son and daughter-in-law are having a garage sale soon in preparation for their "great adventure" in the Airstream with the black lab and two month old baby. So needless to say they are getting rid of almost EVERYTHING. I decided I might as well see if I had anything to contribute. I have learned NOT to be a packrat here since I am in a small house with very, very little storage. However, there was this one cabinet that had stacks of papers and I knew some of it was "design related" and since I don't do that anymore it was time to get rid of it..............amongst the papers were two newspaper articles I had saved about Mexico since 1987! I DO have a big basket where I keep books and articles on Mexico as people are always calling me for guides, hotels and things to do in various places. I thought I had everything in one place. Ah ha, a stray couple of articles.

Much to my surprise there was a fabulous article on Malinalco about the Eagle and Jaguar pyramid that I went to last July. I obviously never read that article because I had never heard of Malinalco until I went there. It doesn't sound like it has changed at all in 21 years. It is a bit of shangri-la in Mexico. I wrote previously about it in July or August 2007. These articles were in the Houston Chronicle and I"m sure if you did a search of their archives you could read the articles.

I did throw away the "design" related stuff and found a few photo frames and a cute Dutch tin box to sell in the sale.

It always gives me a sense of accomplishment to clean out a closet or cabinet. Does it do that for you?

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Billie Mercer said...

Yes, it does that for me too. There is a beginning and an end and you can see the results. When I was working and overloaded because it seemed one project piled on top of another project and there was never a time when you could step back and see your accomplishments, it was nice to clean windows. You saw the results immediately. And you didn't have to depend on anyone else to get it done.