Monday, March 24, 2008


Amanda came home from the rehab hospital on "Good Friday"! It's so wonderful to see this photo of her (in her turtle case) with Patrick, her husband; her son Ryan and his two children Samantha and Andrew. Note their T-shirts cute! I have been writing about my dear friend since January when she, Patrick and three other granddaughters were in a near fatal auto accident. Amanda was the most severly injured with a 20% chance of survival. Well, friends, let me tell you, Amanda is such an amazing woman that those Drs. had no idea that there was no doubt she would survive.
She's home for a couple of months until her broken left arm and all her broken ribs have more time to heal and then she's back to TIRR for a few months of physical therapy.
In the meantime, she is firmly ensconced where she can see the water and the beautiful sunsets on the bay south of Houston. She is surrounded by family, friends and her wonderful husband. Those things are better then any medicine. I can hardly wait to get up there to see her again.

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