Saturday, February 23, 2008


I was laying on the chaise today reading and getting a little tan. Oh my gosh, I can wear sandals feet aren't cold anymore. I survived January......yeah!
But, I digress. I sat and read the blog of Misty at I thought I was intrepid but this woman is INTREPID! Her writing makes me laugh out loud.......she is a character and she just gets in a car, a plane or a sailboat and takes off. She has been all over Indonesia, quite a few places in Mexico - she loves Yelapa too - and it made me want to jump in the car and take off!
I'm just "itchy" to go but where would I go? Well maybe Patzcauro-Uruapan for the Palm Sunday Market - I think I wrote about it last year in March. I've been so many times though, I need to do something different, although I love that area so much! I think I'm going to Chiapas in May - #2 on my list to go this year - right behind Cuba. Or I could take off and just NOT have a destination - which is always a fun way for me to travel. Just "hit the road" and take the backroads...............sometimes. Any suggestions?
Oh and another thing, if you doubt that San Miguel is a Mexican town read Misty's blog for January 2008 when she spent the month here.........great read.


Gypsy Girl said...

I used to say that I would like to grab a suitcase and my passport and drive to Logan Airport and catch the next flight that was leaving no matter where it went.
But alas, my husband is not such a wandering soul like me. He needs structure, plans, maps and a good itinerary...what kind of adventure is that???
I thrive on the unexpected, the new and the challenging situations when I travel.
But at least he likes to travel now. Thank God or he'd be sitting home alone!!

Babs said...

I've always been a "gypsy" Gypsy Girl! Truly - I once went with a man who the only way he would travel was with everything planned in hour segments - we traveled through England that way -ABSOLUTELY miserable! I LOVE the unexpected. So when I bemoan the fact that I don't have a "traveling companion, I remember that scenario.
Let me know when you're heading this way!