Thursday, January 03, 2008

A sense of well being

I don't know what it is about the drive to Celaya (40 minutes) that always puts me in a mellow mood but it happened again today. I go over there every couple of months or so to WalMart, Home Depot and Costco or in today's case, only to Walmart.
But it's the drive - the beautiful green fields full of brocolli, cabbage, cauliflower and who knows what else. It's shades of different green and wide open spaces. There's a stretch that is curvy and around a little mountain and you look out and down on a little village with water. It is "muy tranquilo". Although it is a two lane road and not particularly easy to pass, I just calm down and go with the flow..............
Today there were "pickers" in some of the fields and that always causes me to wonder about them and their lives and if they are happier to be picking at home rather then in a foreign country where the living isn't easy for them.............
Musings of an old woman I guess.

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