Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Carmela's Beauty Salon

Ok, I confess, I splurge and have a manicure and pedicure once a month at a little Mexican shop in town. It is ALWAYS, ALWAYS an adventure! The place is usually packed with women..........and a few men. The shop has been around for 30 or 40 years, they say.
So today, I no sooner sit down and Lupe and Alma get ready to work on me and all but one of the flourescent bulbs (those long slender ones) go out. It was pretty darn dark in there and I'm hoping they are not going to try to continue with no light - but I sit patiently. Lupe gets up, gets a broom and starts pusHing at these lights at about 10 - 12 feet off the ground. I'm thinking "hmmmm-interesting". So she pushes and touches and voila..........all the lights come on! How could I have ever doubted her ability? She then sat down and proceeded to do her work as though nothing had happened. I just giggled to myself inside. I would never be able to go to those fancy-schmancy new salons in town - it would be SO boring!

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picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

How hilarious! I have to see this...can I take my sketch book? My camera? Does it beat the lil place around the corner from me?