Friday, August 17, 2007

McDonald's and the Golden Arches

I wrote last February 27th that McDonald's was coming to San Miguel at the new "mall". It's here! It opened a couple of weeks ago. There isn't a golden arch in sight! The design is so tastefully done that I had to stand and take it in. I know the President of the franchise is in Leon and his wife is an architect. The store is very architectural if you stop and look at the finishes. Beautiful tiles, glass block, stainless furniture.......very chic. There is a very small eating area next to the ordering area. Stairs lead up to a second floor outdoor patio, restrooms and a small children's play area. For such a small area they have executed a beautiful design.
The new "mall" is also very very beautifully designed. All stores are accessed from an outdoor promenade. Beautiful natural materials, boulders, stone waterfalls, carved cantera are just a few of the features. I have a feeling of being in Northern California as I walk through the area. Today while there having a Big Mac and shopping at the grocery store about 1PM, I was the ONLY expat I saw - the Mexicans are using this center with great regularity. YEAH.

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Wow...this is hard to imagine. Well, happy french fries.