Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The "kids" on the block

These are three of the nine children who live next door to me. Aren't they adorable? They are the youngest of the nine. They always wave and speak to me and are ALWAYS smiling.
Their dad used to drive a Bimbo bread truck but now he drives a BIG soft drink truck. I was coming home one day last week and they were sitting on the truck with happy smiles. I grabbed my camera out of my purse and took this shot.
I love to watch them playing and also I see the three of them walking to the tienda down the hill from my house - I think the oldest in this picture might be six. They ALWAYS hold the hand of their little sister. It is so precious.
Their ability at being able to do things at such a young age reminds me of how my mother used to send me to the store when I couldn't have been older then 5! I doubt many people in America would do that today but they sure do and can without worry in Mexico, thank goodness!


Billie said...

Yes, my mother sent me to the corner store before I was 5 also. Then later I rode my bike about 3 blocks which seemed like a mile to bring home some groceries. I could let my kids run in the neighborhood and know they were safe. Not today.

Babs said...

Good grief Billie,my daughter lives in Kingwood on a cul-de-sac and won't let the kids go out on the street to play unless an adult is out there at all times........the days of freedom and being told "to go outside and play" are over, sadly!

Kay Cox said...

Thank goodness is right. I remember riding the bus to downtown Austin by myself to go to Sunday School when I was 7 or 8. When I was 5, I stole a nickel from my mom's coin purse and walked three blocks to the drugstore for an ice cream busted when I got home with ice cream on my face. I don't know whether my mom was madder about my taking the nickel or about my going without telling her. Thank goodness, in Nassau Bay, our kids did have the freedom to ride their bikes to the store. Once when Karen was in high school, she had a girl friend spending the night and they snuck out of the house and went up to Weingarten's for some kind of snack. Remember the little tables in the front of the store?...well, a NB cop came by, found them and brought them home.

Kay Cox said...

Oh and these children are gorgeous. Very precious!

Babs said...

Kay, I SO wish you were coming down this summer! I know how much you love this place........Marilyn and Chris Wren might be coming from Austin!

Ron Stephens said...

Yes, my Mother sent me to the store when I was 4 or 5, but she had to pin a note to my shirt telling the grocer what she wanted, since even then I couldn't remember anything. Just a hint of what was to come, since by this stage, I have no memory at all.