Saturday, May 05, 2007

Driving to Texas

Twice a year I gas up the car and head north to Texas and hang out with friends and hug grandkids (I guess they are no longer grandbabies) buy the things I can't find here and generally get my "Texas fix".
Ironically in the six years I've lived here the list of things I can't find in Mexico gets smaller and smaller but I still need things like cornmeal, cream-style corn, small cans of tomato paste, lemon oil for furniture, Captain Morgan's and fabric for furniture - it seems I'm always recovering something and the fabric here is NOT that great or available. Since I have so much furniture outside I'm always buying outdoor fabric which is relatively expensive down here. Oh and my favorite perfume and body lotion...........yes, I have a Houston list and as I think of something I add it to the list.
But most of all, my "Texas fix" is about seeing good friends and spending time with them as well as family and of course those precious grandchildren.
The grandchildren always go through their closets and have bags of toys for me to bring back for the children down here......and I always sneak in a few things for the "kids on the block" like little hot wheels and kites and bubbles............oh and of course BOOKS for the school library across from my house. It's a busy but happy time............Happy Trails!

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Well, okay...we're waiting and I have books for you.