Sunday, February 20, 2022

From Venus Flytrap to Orchids

 Time flies!  Always............Since I wrote on January 13th, I now have a new system on my

computer.  I can hardly wait to see what happens with this blog!  Hopefully, my attempt to

keep it from screwing up is over and you will see the whole thing along with photos.  I can't

promise anything!


January, as usual, was relatively quiet!  Some cold days and nights - 30's at night and low 70's

during the day.  A few cloudy days which drops the temps about another ten degrees during the

day and sends me scurrying for the heater, the heavy slippers and multiple layers of clothes. Inside is 

usually ten degrees colder then it is outside so one must plan accordingly.  I do!


In February all kinds of things have occurred!  First off I received a message telling me that my email

account had been "breached" and to act accordingly, which I did!  It was from someone in California!

I know this because the breach message said so!  Then that same evening someone from Fremont, 

California called on my Vonage line.  I tried to call the number back but it blocked I still 

didn't think much of it until I tried to access my Netflix account.  I couldn't reload the password because

the hacker had changed my account name and password.  No, I wasn't smart enough to figure that out.

My computer guru and twelve year old grandson figured that out. 

After an hour on the phone with Netflix Mexico, the matter was straightened out by the computer guru! 


At the same time, he also took the computer to install something to "speed it up".  That has worked 

wonders.  He also installed Windows 10.  THAT has been an interesting episode for me to relearn

where things are and how to get to things............yikes.  I know I should have had Windows 10 a long

time ago.  C'est la vie.

Candelaria, the ceremonial event for the blessing of seeds, and the giant flower sale in Parque Juarez

happened this year.  Last year it was cancelled.  This year instead of only having it for 10 days they 

extended it for three weeks.  I was DETERMINED to get there.  So, on the tenth, the kids and John

loaded up the wheelchair that I have only used two or three times into the car and off we went to the 


Surprisingly and miraculously, there is ONE parking place for handicapped and it was empty.  Although

John didn't have a handicap sticker on his car, the police woman allowed us to park there!  Incredible.

Then as we got to the wall to go into the park, we realized there were more then six giant stairs to go 

down.  You've gotta laugh!  

Eventually we got through that, and Sebastian started pushing me down the aisle.  John took over as we

got to inclines and declines, thankfully.

To ride up and down the aisles and see all the orchids, bromeliads, bedding plants etc etc etc

was a joy to behold.  I have written about this in the past and if you want to see photos of all

that this show provides, go to search on the blog and put in Candelaria.  What was so humorous

about seeing all these exquisitely beautiful tulips, hydrangeas and other plants was that Sebastian

became fixated on a Venus flytrap plant............gross, I said.  But, no, he even negotiated with the

seller to get the plant while Matilda was looking at rosemary, succulents and the hibiscus that

one of the vendors gave to her for free.  I was just enjoying all the silliness of it all!  In the photo

above of John and I, he is holding Seb's plant!  And yes, when they got home they "fed" the plant!

YUK!  We spent almost two hours there.  Every second of it was a joy.  However, I question how 

long it will be before the family offers to push me around in that thing wasn't easy.

February is always a month of birthdays.  Two in fact.  Emma, who lives in Colorado and will turn 22 

next week and Matilda, here in San Miguel who turned 14 just yesterday.  (I will get to see Emma in

April in Texas).  Mati had a fun day yesterday with her favorite food, sushi, and then coming over here

for carrot cake which they bought at a bakery.  Nope, I didn't bake a cake.  First time in a long time that

I didn't.  Felt weird to have a store bought cake.  It was a low key event as she is having a BIG party

next week. Such a sweet, sweet granddaughter!

Speaking of FIRST granddaughter, Jessica who lives in Austin is getting 

married in April!  Excitement reigns to put it mildly. 

I haven't been to the USA in five years but, of course, am planning on heading up for a month to spend

time with all the family.  Those in  Colorado will be coming to Texas and so it will be a grand time!

I will be riding to Texas with my long time, good friends, Ron and Fred who I met in Puerto Vallarta

shortly after Jessica was born thirty years ago.  Actually, Ron and Fred are more then good friends.

They are really family as they have experienced my family and I theirs over these years.  

Isn't life GRAND?  GOOD friends!  GREAT family!  Spring weather now in the 80's and LIFE just

keeps plugging along...........Hope you feel the same.




Anonymous said...

Dear Babs it's a pleasure to read your comments. Your optimism and zest for life are contagious. I need to learn from you. Please, keep posting.

Babs said...

Thank you Carlos. I think it is easier to live with optimism and zest then I focus on the good!

Thanks for writing

Unknown said...

Hello Babs from Illinois (outside Chicago)
I have been following your posts for many years and enjoy them so much!
My husband is from Rancho Silva, outside of Celeya.
Please keep posting!

Babs said...

Oh Thanks Unknown!
Did you know that I was born in Chicago and
grew up there til I was 10! We spent much
time in McHenry where my sister and her family
lived. I still have tons of relatives in that
I used to go to Chicago every year for the Natl Restaurant
Assn convention downtown. It's a great area, in the summer
for me, ha.
Thanks for writing. My granddaughter was born in Celaya 14 years ago!
Small world

R. P. said...

Ms. Babs,
Wonderful post. Grankids are young adults just like that! Your lovely patio speaks volumes of you. Gracias. R & C

Babs said...
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Babs said...

Gracias R & C!

living.boondockingmexico said...

It's been almost three years since we were last in Texas. Ending two weeks today. We love Texas and enjoyed every minute. Congrats on the wedding and we will be in SMA soon for the great weather!

Babs said...

Living.boondockingmexico, believe it or not, I am just now reading the comments from this post. I don't know why they weren't read sooner!

Anyway, if you and Juan come back to SMA, I would so enjoy seeing both of you. My email address is