Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Seventeen hundred and eighty-three! That's the number of posts..........

It's been since 2006.  The year that I started writing the blog.  It was an attempt to document and to

maintain my sanity at that point.  It worked.........well most of it!


Today I happened to notice the amount of posts that there have been to date.  I compared it with the

book I just finished reading by Ken Follett entitled "Never".  It was 800+ pages and it took quite a

while to reach the conclusion which I did last night about midnight.  The story was definitely a page turner

and I'm glad I'm finished with it. 

So, to keep it in context if I turned all the blogposts into a book, it would cover two 800 page books!

Quite amazing but it would not have been half as much fun as keeping up with all the daily events such 

as trips, adventures, family, activities in San Miguel and a myriad of things.  

In fact, if I wanted to see what I wrote about Day of the Dead over the years, I just put it in the Search 

Box on the blog and voila all of the photos and musings appear.  Now I see it as not only a digest but a 

journal of sorts of the last fifteen years.

In the last twenty months of covid with not much going on then daily life, it seemed rather blah to 

write.  But just recently I seem to be getting out a bit (nothing like in the past), still masked but at least

getting out to meet friends for lunch or whatever.

Every time I do go out I notice so much because there is a time lapse between times.  The other day I 

noticed the trees are turning yellow and orange.  It's lovely.  I am also noticing the advance of 

construction projects and the amount of traffic even though I try to stay on the back roads going 

through town.

My forays have been brought to a screeching halt today with the news that the street that I live on is

going to be closed for three weeks while they install a new sewer line.  In the past, I went through that 

up at the house on the hill but at that time the trench was about 12 inches outside my door and to leave 

house, the workers had to put down a plank over the deep trench and then hold onto me so I didn't fall

in the trench.  Luckily this time it is in the middle of the street so I can peek out from time to time to 

see the progress.  Here are a few photos of things that have been happening since I last wrote the blog.

                                                        Street scene in Los Frailes

                                                      The Resident Squirrel in the bird bath.

                                                            Now there is a baby as well!

Seb and Mati on Halloween along with........

The flowers on the porch where I spend a LOT of time reading or gardening or whatever.  

And, last but not least a spectacularly beautiful sunset last week.  Breathtakingly beautiful.

                                                       It was hard to believe it was real!

I will try to write more frequently.  With the holidays starting next week, there will be much more to 

read and write about.

Stay safe and Stay masked...........


R. P. said...

Always happy to read a new post from you. I have, likely, read all 1783 posts. This blog is a goldmine of life enhancements from San Miguel, Mexico and elsewhere. For all you "newbies" to this blog, the search box is your friend for answers about San Miguel. Flowers, sunsets and cobbled streets.....these three things say much of what there is to know about "Babs". And, of course, "Gran" :) Saludos, Robert & Colleen

Anonymous said...

I am in total agreement with Robert & Colleen - I believe I've read all 1783 blog posts. Your roof deck used to be my "Happy Place" - I'd go there in my imagination many, many times over the years prior to moving here. I lived vicariously through your posts.

I've watched your grandchildren grow up, exclaimed over their achievements, rooted for them, prayed for them, blessed them.

I can't imagine life without "Babsblog". You've been a constant in my life and a blessing from the moment I fell in love with Mexico.

Bless you and yours always. Seeing a new post from you has always been a delight, and I pray the posts will continue for years to come.


Barbara Lane

Retired Teacher said...

With 2499 blog posts over the last eight years, I cannot begin to compete with your accomplishment. But keeping a blog is like having a diary / photo album of the travels and events and experiences over the years.
I'm glad to hear that you are getting out of the house more, and I know that you will continue to stay safe, as am I. (I actually feel safer down here than I do back home where very few seem to take precautions.)
May you have many more years of sharing with us through your blog!

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

It is through your blog that we were lucky enough to stay at your house on the hill for three wonderful months. You are an awesome person and we talk often of the times we had with your group of amigos in SMA. Someday we will return… Hopefully next winter… Keep writing, and we'll keep reading!

Babs said...

Robert and Colleen, Barbara Lane, Bill and Peter!

Your gifts of friendship and kind words are the icing on the cake from writing for so many years.

Ironically, I never sat down to write for any one person or to please anyone. I was just writing from my heart and soul.

The payoff is having ya'll in my life!

HOPE to see each and every one of you in the coming year of 2022..........

Steve Cotton said...

You are corect. OUr blogs are primarily journals that we write for ourselves. Journals that we share with others.

You made me look at my number of posts since 2007. 4141 -- as of today. That is a lot of words.

Babs said...

Steve, I have always been impressed with the fact that you post a blog post daily!

You are to be commended. I just don't have that much to say anymore! Ha......

Thanks for giving me your number. I have been quite a slouch the last four years since my two accidents.

Sure do miss seeing you.